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Iris Online private servers

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    Strat Item _________________________ 10 Reverse Return Scroll 10 Speed 100% 3 Damage Absorption Scroll 3 Damage increase Scroll Devil's Spirit 5% Avatar Dress Resurrection Scroll 100% 11 instant Return Scroll 20 20 Regeneration Potion Monkey Summon Scroll 3 day _________

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    Open for more than 2 years and always busy! Brand new 3rd jobs with UNIQUE skills - 15x XP/SXP/Gold/Drops, 20x Quest XP/Gold - Level Cap 85 - Custom dungeons - Failsafe enchants - Many Custom World Bosses - Insane Mode Dungeons - Custom Costume Sets, Pets, Cloaks, Mounts, Armor, Weapons and Accessor