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Swordsman online private servers

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    Best Swordsman Private Server Located in EU Mid rate x20 all PvE/PvP server Best Mall System with Vote for free Sycee Hardworking Staff Level Cap 100 Easy Items loot on Monsters New NPC that even Retail doesnt have 50 Times Bamboo everyday 50 Divinity Reset per day

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    One server Russian Players and International players Swordsman RATE x10 GOLD x10 QUEST x10 Free Sycee or Gold

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    FREE Marketplace which means u get 20 milion synce as soon as you register -Every item has been added in marketplace - Server rates are x10-x20 so you will have plenty of fun and awesome moments questing and clearing caves with your friends-Start with level 1 and work your way through 100 lvl cap