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  • WoW-Mania | WoTLK | Blizzlike | PvE The best PvE Blizzlike server created and maintained by professional developers with a passion for World of Warcraft. Here you will have the best content on the top of the best hardware. Over 99% uptime. Fun world events. Join us and get a free mount + leveling heirlooms!
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  • NEON MuOnline A complete change in the game concept, as well as game mechanics. Restyling of many game aspects and possibilities. A global simplification of the spectrum of the gaming world in favor of convenience and comfort for the players.
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  • Legion SRO [140Cap] Legion Silkroad private server | 140 CAP | 140lv Skills! | New STYRIA event | 15d items | 100x Exp | 100x SP | 10x Gold | Vote for silks | Coin System | Special Upgrade system | Active Job | Custom items and Join US
    Votes 3085
  • MuGlobal Season 4 x100 Opening 28 August Global MU Online project MuOnline Season 4 has no analogues in the world. Many innovations and thoughtful solutions to improve the gameplay. Look at MU Online in a new way!
    Votes 2041
  • PureSRO D14 Cap130 1m Free Silk PureSRO Server D14 Cap130 - Free Silk - All new Updates at Silkroad world - Vote For Coins - CTF/Arena - New AutoEvents 24/7 - New Uniques - Great website - New Scrolls - New PvP Events system - FGW - 4 FTW - High Drop rate - Job Based - Helpful GM / MODs - a lot of new things - Join now and have fu
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  • INFINITYMU SEASON 3 (SINCE 2008) Play to Win S3EP1 - EXP:999999x - Stable/Lagfree/Real PVP Season 3 Balance/Easy Gameplay - Long Term, Online for 12+ years Without Wipes - New Jewels - New NPCs - Daily GM PVP PvE Events - Grand Resets - Unique Reward Systems - Monthly Events RR/BC/CC/DS/GA/Votes/Duel Kings/PK/Lucky/Kill the Boss
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  • L2KOT Interlude x3, x10, x999. Bots allowed 3 server works for you. x7 with Stats Generator system, x10 with Artifacts system, and x999 with MultiSkill system. Works since 2017 with no wipes.
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  • MoonLand Custom Interlude PvP Bonus start! Free premium for 24h, free Armor 2 lvl, Belt 1 lvl, Tattoo 1 lvl, Shirt 1 lvl and Rune of Nevit! . New locations, new items, mobs and Raid Bosses. Completely new PvP server. Join now!
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    Mu Instinto Online Season 6 Since 2018 Version: Season 6 Episodio 3 Experience: 500x - 300x (Dynamic) Item Drop: 40% Stats Máximos: 65.000 Reset: 400 Points for Reset: Ninguno Delete Points: No Grand Reset: 200 Master Level: 400 Master Exp: 10x
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    KO-MyKO Olympia Farm/PK MYKO Server - Starting Level 1 - Max Level 72 - Starting Gear included - Max upgrade +8 for armors/weapons and +1 for accessories - Custom Quests - Custom Events - Balanced Classes - Balanced PUS - Friendly Community - Great Support. Join Us Now!
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    Zarkana2 PVM HARD S-a dat primul restart in cei 7 ani! O noua versiune, pvm hard, nivel maxim 105, cu curele, fara lycan, fara alchimie, fara esarfe, fara sistem de energie, fara inele/ acadele/ amuleta/ oasele zeului dragon. Server-ul este indreptat foarte mult spre farm. Nu este conceput in jurul itemshop-ului.
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    The BEST server MuOnline Start [ 3 SEPTEMBER] The main characteristics of the server Game version: Season 3 Premium Rate for regular experience: x25 HARD Drop rate: 40% Max Level: 400
    Votes 508
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    Dark World Online cap 140 , Reborn system ,free silk , pvp , unique , new quest new skills , upgrade system , daily auto event , weekly events , rank and more join now
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    UO Excelsior Shard Friendly and active community, tons of custom content, on a very stable server. Balanced game play, frequent staff and player ran events, browser interface for chatting and other things you won't see anywhere else. Since 2006!
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    Metin2UG - Server PvM Easy Metin2 UG este un server PvM Easy cu nivel maxim 155 deschis din 2017. Incepatorii primesc CUFAR FULL PVM + 1000 Monede dragon pentru a achizitiona iteme de pe Item-Shop + arme de 30 si 75 full bonusate free de pe item shop. Md-uri si Jd-uri pe joc. Sisteme moderne si unice. Gameplay placut.
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    [255]FightForEmpire2 - PvP UltraFun FightForEmpire2 este un server de Metin2 de tip PvP UltraFun - level maxim 255, poti face iteme site si in joc, aici nimeni nu este favorizat! Serverul este unul foarte stabil si vei vedea asta inca din primele minute jucate! Suntem online inca din August 2019, ceea ce ofera o siguranta jucatorilor!
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    REXALLSRO.ONLINE 110 CAP - EXP/SP MEDIUM - AWAKEN Cap 110 CH-EU Mastery 330/220 Balanced ,Mid Rates Exp 60x, Party Exp 70x, Item 10x, SOX Rate 10x , FGW / Battle Arena / CTF/ FTW / NEW System, Free Silk per hour / Free SIlk for Vote, Auto Events . Register today and let's write history together !
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    LMS Forsaken World - Blood Harvest Brand-new Forsaken World Blood Harvest classic-rate server is open with only a few quality of life changes to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime. Leafs for Voting/online. Stable LMS Gaming Community since 2008. Come join the fun!
    Votes 190
  • 21 Details
    Citrine Online Cap 110 | PVE | Long Term | Balanced | Job features | Free silks
    Votes 182
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    Eternal Pirates Online Welcome to Eternal Pirates Online! 20x Solo 25x party 3600x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly And Nice GMs, Events Weekly. Come Join Us Now!! New Class Balances! New Maps! New Bosses! New Quests! Max level is 120! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels! And Much Much More!
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  • 23 Details
    ⭐ EliteMU [Unique 4 Worlds] 1000+ Online EliteMU Online - we are Big and Popular Private Server with 4 different Servers Unique with our Hard Economy system, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting and well-considered Gameplay and Good Configurated server [In MU We Trust] - Join Us
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  • 24 Details
    MAXKO Online since June 2008 Max LVL 85. Light farm pk server. Balanced classes and Items. EVENTS Killing Race, BDW, CSW, Forgotten Temple, Spinning Wheel gambling, Daily free items, Ardream, Rental items, Achievement system. Friendly and active staff. Come and join us
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    Cloz MU - SS3 EP1- Best of PVP Free all, free to play, play to win, all event have gmbox, event hunting. All class combo, no xshop, no custom. No macro, Manual PVP
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    DirilisSRO l D14 l Cap 130 l PVE Cap 130 DG : 13 / 14 [ Seal Of ( Nova - Sun ) ] EXP SP 150x Gold 10x Drop 3x Trade Goods 3x Party EXP 3x IP LIMIT 3x HWID LIMIT 3x
    Votes 134
  • 27 Details
    Viking sro cap 140 - degree 16 vote CH 420 - eu 280 auto event silk per hour system trader mobs 150
    Votes 125
  • 28 Details
    Keleseth Highrate 3.3.5a Wotlk WoW Privatserver 3.3.5a | 1x Startchar | Char Trans | Highrate-Server | PvE Realm | Levelrate x1-x15 | schneller Support & Bugfixes | lagfrei |
    Votes 125
  • 29 Details
    Thorium WoW Instant 255 A Unique WOTLK 335a instant lvl 255, Group and Soloable content, unique upgrading system, artifact system with Roles, Extra expansion content, 14 races incl Worgens, Goblins amp Pandarens, Custom Coded instance and zone for high tier sets
    Votes 121
  • 30 Details
    WarGods WoW Classless [Classless System] [Transmogs from all Expansions] [ x10 EXP Rate ] [ VIP System ] [ Custom Zones] [Friendly and active Staff ] [ PvE & PvP Gear ] [ Custom Bosses ] [80000+ Custom Items] [Scripted Instance] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [High Risk System] and much more.
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  • 31 Details
    BAVKA MU Hard | 97d | EXP: 123x | Drop: 50% | EXP: 123x, Drop: 50%, Max Level: 350, Reset Level:333, Points Per Reset: 333, MAX Resets: 100, Resets: Clear Stats, BUT KEEP Items and Skills, Stadium Move Level: 50, Big Monster Spawns, Anticheat, Custom Looking Skins, Special Visual Effects, Points Per Level: 5/7, Online From 03.09.2021, Join NOW!
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  • 32 Details
    WoW Amnesia INSTANT 80 - 3.3.5a Monturas, mascotas y jefes custom ¡SIN PARCHES! Eventos custom: fútbol, escalada, laberintos y muchos otros NO más saves de raids! Reinicia tu id siempre que quieras Consumibles, gemas, encantamientos y profesiones GRATIS Crossfaction bgs Temporada PVP y PVE
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  • 33 Details
    Hypnotic-WoW Short and Sweet, we are a level 255 high stats fun server that is in development, we will offer plenty of unique content and fun on the server, we are a bunch of players who left a greedy, p2w server to remake our own version and offer way more content, where you can farm to earn donation gear and s
    Votes 114
  • 34 Details
    AngelRoad Exp Rate: 80x Party Rate Exp: 90x Drop Item Ratio: 15x Drop Gold Ratio: 10x CAP: 140 Max Plus: 26 EU Mastery: 280 CH Mastery: 420 Fortress: Jangan
    Votes 113
  • 35 Details
    KumKO server private knight 24xx ÜCRETSİZ OTO LOOT + WAR TATO DÖVME + KANAT + OTO MASTER+ OTO SİKİL + RELOG ATMAN YETERLİ SINIRSIZ MANA + SINIRSIZ CLAN BANK + OFFLİNE PAZAR , Ücretsiz Pus itemleri maradon karus gate yanı Promotion Vip Npc'sinde. Efsane 24xx Kumko.Net Farm Light Server Orta Zorlukta İtem Basmak Orta sınırsız gen
    Votes 109
  • 36 Details
    TravianZ TravianZ is the latest open-source clone of the original Travian T3.6 servers which undergone a long development and works great. Let's have fun together there :)
    Votes 107
  • 37 Details
    MUWAR - S6 E3 Original [Unique] Fresh re-open. Online since 2005, ❤ MuWar ❤ Online seeks to give the best to lovers of this fabulous MMORPG-style adventure game. We invite you to discover a old best (S6E3) MU world, but a new features and community. Experience on server changes every day, and depends on players.
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    Votes 105
  • 38 Details
    Ninja-X-Online|PvP Server|DG11|Play2Win| DG 11 / PVP / CHN 440 / EU 220 / EGY B / NOVA / FW / CTF / BA / DAILY EVENT'S / AUTO EVENT'S / &More <3
    Votes 103
  • 39 Details
    Mu Leader Grand Open 19:30 GMT+8 16 September 2021 Exp: x100 CreatCharacter: 1.000.000zen, 50WC, 50WP, 50GP
    Votes 103
  • 40 Details
    Rom classic Server PLAY to WIN. 5 month Online. 64-bit crash-free client with FPS boost. Active servers community, and staff. Regular GM events. Level58 cap. 4x XP, 4x TP Loot x4. Diamond drop from boss. more than10 different language are supported . Get in game and start having fun right away!
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  • 41 Details
    Chronicles of Arcadia (Runes of Magic) Free to Play ROM server. Online since 2014 year. 64-bit crash-free client with FPS boost. LV 104, XP x15, TP x10, Loot x7. New zones, instances, events, quests, cards, titles and much more.
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    Votes 101
  • 42 Details
    Origin Online - NO BOTS - The Original Experience NO BOTS ALLOWED - 3 Years Online - 2 Servers - Origin Online is an unique server with all features of the Original Silkroad game the game we all know and love - Clean community - Play the game as it should be played. Visit and Join us today!
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    Votes 100
  • 43 Details
    Sorath-WoW 3.3.5A WOTLK Estadisticas enormes | Progresion rapida | Clases equilibradas | 20 instancias equilibradas | Eventos personalizados | Jefes mundiales | Scripts unicas | Personal amable | Todas las clases | Bg y Arenas | para mas info:
    Votes 100
  • 44 Details
    Play Matka App - Trusted online matka app The online Play Matka App p is incredibly simple and easy to use. Every bazaar has Satta Matka Jodi and a graphic designer because people choose to play Matka
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  • 45 Details
    RANONLINE DARKSIDE REBORN -AUTO SYTEM IN GAME -237Max Skill(aktif effect block/dash/stun,silentskill) -215 Max Level up to 260 -No Rebirth System -high Exp Rate -Low Drop Rate -Boss Hunt feature -RightClickFunction Wear/Unwear -Item link / Priview Item -PKStreak
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  • 46 Details
    Warrior-WoW 255 Fun Server [255 Level Cap] [Tier 1 to Tier 28] [1v1 Arena] [90000+ Custom Items] [Amazing Custom and scripted Instances] [Custom Quests] [Working BG and Arena] [Custom Mall] [Balanced Classes] [Friendly Staff][Transmog Mall] [Custom Bosses] +Blizlike Fully Scripted Realm!!! Free vip
    Votes 96
  • 47 Details
    InfiniteAION 4.6 Mid Rate x10 Server Star Gear,Free Boosts,Nice Rewards on Leveling,One Char get Level 65 free,No Bugs,All Instances Scripted,All Skills-Classes-items-Maps are Retaillike Exp 10x Drop 10x Quest 10x Kinah x10 Craft x10, Many BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Legion Wars, Skill Auto Learn, Balanc
    Votes 93
  • 48 Details
    Faerlina MU «Season 3 Episode 1 Exclusive» «Season 3 Episode 1 Exclusive» [Experience: 50x] [Drop: 100%] [Maximum Stats: 32767] [Vote Reward] [Reset level: 400] [Grand Reset System] [Stable Server 24/7] [Unique Gameplay] [Ballanced PVP] [Castle Siege ON] Join our server together with us!
    Votes 92
  • 49 Details
    LastChaos Warfare Max 175/EXP High/Free SP/Drop High/Gold High/Cash NPC/Online Cash/Custom titles Seals/Events/AutoIgni-Pickup/Auto Skill/PVP Balance/Premium Char/Class Change NPC/Reborn NPC/Return Player Reward/Custom Message System/Warfare Battle/Mail System
    Votes 91
  • 50 Details
    AdvanceRAN l The Ultimate In-Game Reform Card / Sealed Card / Additional Stat Reform Card * 【Max Level And Skill : 300 / 237】* 【Last Weapon: Dragon Roar / Dragon Vitality / Dragon Breathing Lv.300】* 【Last Armor: Aspirations Lv.300】* 【Last Accessories: Executor Lv.300】* and more ..
    Votes 88