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    Based off of the Official World of Kung Fu we are taking the game back to its basics - Redone Experience Required To Level - Updated Daily Quest - More Balance PvP - Monthly Patches - New Level Caps - New Maps - 24/7 Support - Come Join Us Today And Experience The Nostalgia of Official WoKF Details
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    [Cap 140] [D15] ,, and soon (D16 )[PVP] [PVE] , u will love this game cuz we have all of things you need Details
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    merupakan jenis permainan Fantasy Game 3D, dimana dalam game ini kamu dapat bertemu dan menikmati bersama petualangan dunia fantasi SEAL Online dengan teman-teman. Details
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    4Classic is an MMORPG 4Story oldschool server done right. Join and relive the good old days with players from all over Europe. New PvP modes, custom events, maps, and much more await you - don't hesitate to join the fight and build your reputation as an invincible champion! Details
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    Paradise Online: Cap 130 Play2Win PVP&PVE Free Silk :yes Start LVL 120 Full set Degree 11 +10 FB max &12Degree at NPC For Gold And Degree 13 (Sun_Moon) Drop From Mobs *120>130* Degree 14 (Sun_Moon) Drop From Mobs *126>130* Details
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    This is the first of its kind server of Ukrainian origin, in it you will see the best that can be in mu online, do not miss the opening. Details
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    [Max Szint] 125 [Nemesítés] 100% [Kovács] 475% (+17ig nem tör) [Nemesítési MaxSzint] +28 [Fejlődés]2800% (Gyors) [Item Drop] 1850% [Max Ékszer Opt] 50-50-500-500 (Farmolható Ékszerláda) [Kraftolható LvL68 Fegyverek & Páncélok] Fővárosokban [Farmolható Itemek] Details
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    Rates- Weekday Team x2, Loot X2 / Weekend Team X3, Loot x3. Server features an updated archaeology system, new quests, traditional look and feel. NO GP/TP available - Please come and join us!! Details
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    MMORPG Astral! gogogo Play and join with us! 255/120 Details
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    qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Details
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    4Nova is an oldschool 4story MMORPG Server. The server is in easy mode and anti pay 2 win. We can offer multiple new battlemodes, maps, cosmetic designs, dungeons, events and more! Join the battle now! Details
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    EV4Story the new european server, version 4.1, gemstones, whip, new color from battleground, Aerial war ect... JOIN US ! Details
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    This a new Eden Eternal Privat Server with Seasons and much more. Come Join us. Details
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    Copyright ©2013 Kordbika.eu PRIVATE 2D MMORPG SERVER Details
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    ZSZC Online D11 Cap 105 Chinese Free silk Details
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    Server version 97D Good old classic Server: Exp 50 Drop 30 no post no full items without donat store Details
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    PlayEden is the first international Eden Eternal private server, featuring latest content, 3x-5x rates, cheap AP and much more! Join us at edeneternal.to! Details
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    %100 Gerçek Kullanıcılarla tamamen ücretsiz ve seviyeli sohbet imkanı hiç bir üyelik oluşturmadan sizleri bekliyor. Details
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    RONY-REBORN cap 110 D12 server pvp play2win come join to game Details
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    Play Play The f to pay respects me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me know if you need anything let me k Details
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    ok na cjja8nwbuhsbjijjowoknejinjhjinsjoj Details
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    HellionKnights neverwinter Online server. x2,5 XP, x2,5 drops. Get 2000 Zen when registering a new account. Details
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    I like to play mmo with friends. Details
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    PvM-PvP Level 250 Evente zilnice !!! GO GO GO !!! Details
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    wqssw35dfherjuir45otyhgkgyhurtsrtwetweyewryw Details
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    Valley Story 24/7 online New Mounts Login Bonus New effects New Weapons New Maps comming Soon English & German Community Searching for GMs Details
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    Server 3x em fase BETA Server com interesse em diversao sem fins lucrativos Details
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    High rate & low rate | Tons of custom items | Active staff | No over powered donators | Extensive voting and referral system | Custom NPCs | Server buffs | Custom events Details
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    16 Metvin2ForYou / Lv max 300 DetailsUn metin unic in Romania , iteme unice / evente zilnice [OwN]Secret impreuna cu echipa va asteapta cu drag PvP PvM Details
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    You've come to the perfect location to order GTA 5 Money Drop. Money Drop in GTA 5 is a GTA 5 cheat that allows you to have endless money in the game. For additional details, go to Gtaboosting.net. Please visit our website to learn more about GTA 5 cheats. Details
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    Hello this isy lucky day nice to meet you Details
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    Registration: www.striker-ro.com ⚔️Striker - Ro : Conquer⚔️ 255/100 - Server ????No gtb,thana and lhz server ???? ???? Group: bit.ly/Strikergroup ???? Discord: https://discord.gg/EWuJqnGKXp ???? Website: www.striker-ro.com Details
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    Lunia Online Free2Play! Register & Download www.luniazero.com Come play with us! Details
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    [120 Cap] [Balanced] [New raid system] [Custom Skills] [Enhancement 100%] [Weekly Events] [High exp rate] [High drop rate] [Custom And Official Bosses.] [Custom Instances] [Custom Guild instances][Custom KQ][Proffesional staff] Skype: BoomerVleugels Details
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    SEASON 4 Episode 6 UPGRADED / Exp 50 /WINGS 1,2,3 /Unique Boss System / Unique Quests System / Active Admins /Online 1000+ players / SUPER MAXIMAL SERVER COME AND PLAY Details