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4Story top servers list hosted in Germany

Explore the best 4Story private servers hosted in Germany. The vast 4Story list provides adventurers with new challenges, features, and quests.

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    4Classic is an MMORPG 4Story oldschool server done right. Join and relive the good old days with players from all over Europe. New PvP modes, custom events, maps, and much more await you - don't hesitate to join the fight and build your reputation as an invincible champion! Details
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    4Nova is an oldschool 4story MMORPG Server. The server is in easy mode and anti pay 2 win. We can offer multiple new battlemodes, maps, cosmetic designs, dungeons, events and more! Join the battle now! Details
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    4Story | 4Legends PvP Server - We offer the game in 12 different languages Level 90 - New Maps - New Mounts - New Costumes - Daily Ardir PvP -No P2Win - High FPS & Graphic Rework - Weekly Events Join our discord for more informations! -> https://discord.gg/xSReQhC24G Details