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Aion Online top servers list

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    3.0 Classic Aion Nostalgia, PvP Battlegrounds, No Grind, No P2W, All Working Features, Anti Cheat System, Level Rewards, Stable Dedicated Server, Long Term, Free Gifts, Good Support, Join Now Details
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    ✔Instant Level 75 w/ Starter PVP gear ✔Active PVP Server ✔Custom PVPVE features ✔Custom Skin remodel, motion and mount ✔High quality Dedicated Server ✔ActiveAntiCheat ✔Host in Singapore and Malaysia Details
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    Classic Aion 4.8 with custom features and improvements, PvE & PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Pack, events, various bonuses, frequent updates, qualified support since 2015 Details
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    Version 5.8 Classic Rates / No Pay2win / No Editions / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in Europe / Join Us Now! Details
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    Aion relaunch (1.9 to 3.9 ready) in october with fixed mechanics and core (geo,pathfinding,static objects) on a new server. No pay 2 win, aion as it should be. [Legacy servers] Operating 2 servers Israphel as midrate pvp server (3.9) Tiamat as lowrate nostalgia server (1.9) version 1.2 up to 3.9 - n Details
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    Welcome to Gods of Aion 4.6 (GOA). Best Aion 4.6 private server located in Europe. Join us! Discord Details
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    LiveForPlay AION is a new hungarian private server.[PvE and PvP] EXP x3|Drop x10|Quest x3|AP x8 |24/7|Starting vip rank: 1 week|New Class: RIDER|Instances|Events every day| Friendly Players and GM Team|No lag|Good Support|Join now and Enjoy.! Details
  • 8
    MAX LVL 50 unlock at May 01 , Balaurea CLOSED, Exp 2.5x Drop 3x Quest 4x Skill autolearn, Events, Online time reward system, Survey help system. Join now to the best OldSchool progressive experience Details
  • 9
    We are a Multi gaming community with the more the one game Main game is aion Details
  • 10
    EXP 150x Drop 70x Quest 40x, Many Custom BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, World Wide PvP High Rate Server, Legion Wars, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Join Now Details
  • 11
    First Asian no bug server - not java emulator - version 7.7 Inputs from retail aion server will be considered Sprinting/Jumping event for instant level 80 for class choice (only 2 allowed) Daily task rewards More Details
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    3.9 PvPvE server. High quality low ping server with fully customized content. No leveling, starter pvp gear, fast and easy farming, customized PvE and PvP instances, player commands, balance adjustments, drop tables, events and more! Details
  • 13
    hello i am here only for vote server don´t have to game site wtf don´t like this registriert Details
  • 14
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaassafdfacdCWCECEceacecescecewcascsACSACSACSACcsaccdscdddfdfsdfdsfsafsafsafasf Details
  • 15
    Welcome to The Legend of Hina [SERVER ON] The server version is 5.8 . EN/FR XP 3 The orientation of the server is PvPvE and Rp Each server has its own story, so join us to experience ours. Details
  • 16
    Instant 80; Full Prestige Pass; Seasons Active; Full working Instances; LugBug System; Full Maps Content Scripted; Full Luna System; Full Game Content Support without any Bugs; Retail-Like :Fortress , Skills ,Classes, Events,Full Scripted Instances, Languages - ENG ,FR, GER ,RU,CN ; Details
  • 17
    The master server is a server with a traditional version of the game and some local settings: 8 character classes maximum level - 50 gear equipment All this is the main difference between the master server. Master server is a new server that located when choosing along with the usual servers, but Details
  • 18
    New pvp/pve Server with high Rates Details
  • 19
    Remember what Aion was to you when it first opened its doors to people like us. A beautiful beautiful world. Hot battles and long-awaited, sometimes rare items from the dungeons that caused the envy of others. Details
  • 20
    completely free game aion 3.5 Details
  • 21
    a testsite to test things to make live better Details
  • 22
    The Map Radio community is running an Aion 1.9 server where everything is original. Details
  • 23
    How to play Agario Controls Eject Mass - W Chat - ENTER Split - SPACE Navigation - Mouse Details
  • 24
    The first perfect quality free Aion server! Are you fed up with that extreme number of game bugs and endless promises from administration to fix them all? Or maybe with one-day servers, that promise you the pie in the sky? Join us and forget about all of this! Details
  • 25
    Die GfG bieten eine diverse Spielpalette an, sowie ein freies Teamspeak, und ruft auf EUCH anzuschliessen! Werdet ein Teil von uns und findet heraus wieviel WIRKLICH dahinter steckt! Details
  • 26
    Tiny Mighty is the brand new RPGgame that let you play like never before,To protect the peace of the world. Details
  • 27
    Version 5.8 Classic Rates / No Pay2win / No Bugs, everything works 100% / Server Located in Europe / Low Ping / Join Us Now! Details
  • 28
    Rates are 3x - Vote Reward - Server is running version 4.9 Full Support EU - EXP Boost - 3x Abyss P. - Register an account - Activate - Play! Details
  • 29
    Best Italian/International Server with 1.5 Original NA Aion Classic Client / Daeva Pass / Events / Free Change Appearance & Gender / Arena, Dredgion, Siege System + Balaur Assaults / No Pay2win / Middle Rates / Little Bugs / Good Staff and Support / Localization ENG - ITA / Join Us Now Details
  • 30
    !RELEASE 01.05.2017 * deutschsprachiger 24/7 Privatserver * permanent 4.7.5 * Starte mit 65 & Mystic-Gear* alle emotes, Stigmaslots & -steine * PVP orientiert * RELEASE 01.05.2017 Details
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    actividades de juegos y tesoros Details
  • 32
    Project description: - Experienced adult administration - High-quality build version 4.0 - More than 50 auto events; - Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content, with a bias towards PvP - Balanced economy - Availability of VIP / Gold-VIP packages. Details
  • 33
    Rates: 1x Exp Rate 1x Kinah Rate 1x Drop Rate 1x Quest Rate 1x Group Rate 1x Abyss Points Rate New character will receive: Full blue item set + weapon 250 Greater Running Scroll 250 Greater Courage Scroll 250 Greater Awakening Scroll 1kk Kinah 3x Amulet 100% x 1h Details
  • 34
    High Rated Server with //add command For Every Player. PVP System Glory Point 2nd class selection Geodata system FFA System Battlegrounds Credit System Auto Learn All skills with All Stigmas Unlocked Details
  • 35
    ONEAION PERFECT 4.6 SERVER 100% WORKING CAPACITY WITH INCREASE RATES IS NOW OPEN JOIN US ! Welcome to AionOne the unique perfect 4.6 server 100% working with Middles rates Exp, drop & Ap! Easy to Grind, easy to gear. Focus on the end game this server his for the fun or casual players! Details