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Aion Online 2.7 top servers list

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    Aion relaunch (1.9 to 3.9 ready) in october with fixed mechanics and core (geo,pathfinding,static objects) on a new server. No pay 2 win, aion as it should be. [Legacy servers] Operating 2 servers Israphel as midrate pvp server (3.9) Tiamat as lowrate nostalgia server (1.9) version 1.2 up to 3.9 - n Details
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    Rates: 1x Exp Rate 1x Kinah Rate 1x Drop Rate 1x Quest Rate 1x Group Rate 1x Abyss Points Rate New character will receive: Full blue item set + weapon 250 Greater Running Scroll 250 Greater Courage Scroll 250 Greater Awakening Scroll 1kk Kinah 3x Amulet 100% x 1h Details