Aion online 2.7 best private servers

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Aion online 2.7 top servers list

  • GamezAION 2.7 Classic Server 2.7 Classic Aion Nostalgia, PvP Battlegrounds, No Grind, No P2W, All Working Features, Anti Cheat System, Level Rewards, Stable Dedicated Server, Long Term, Free Gifts, Good Support, Join Now Details
  • Hivegamez Aion 2.7 F2P
    current live version:2.7 - server is ready for content version 1.2 up to 3.5 - no vip/premium -rewards for new players - fair rates - no p2w elements - custom events - longterm server - supportive and friendly staff and discord - community decisions - for players that want aion without 4.x classes Details
  • Aion Classic Europe
    Rates: 1x Exp Rate 1x Kinah Rate 1x Drop Rate 1x Quest Rate 1x Group Rate 1x Abyss Points Rate New character will receive: Full blue item set + weapon 250 Greater Running Scroll 250 Greater Courage Scroll 250 Greater Awakening Scroll 1kk Kinah 3x Amulet 100% x 1h Details