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    Real 8 Classes, Seasonal Updates, Longterm & Progressive Gameplay, Unique RNG Based Concept, Farmable E-Coins, Merit System, Chaos/Divine Upgrades, DMG Unlimit, Day/Night Mode, Power Calculator, Content Pack up to Korean Version, Professional Staff, Discord Support. Join US NOW! Details
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    EXP 1500x SP 500x CRAFT EXP 100x DROP RATE 6x ALZ BOMB RATE 7x ALZ RATE 30x PET EXP 40x WEXP 7x AXP 50x ITEM/DROP 3 Details
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    Ep8 Cabal Server Mid-Highrate Gladiator B3f and Awakened Ft2 Details
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    Bem vindo ao Cabal NEXUS Episodio 9 AntiHack Avancado Protecao contra DDOS 11 Canais Sistema de TPoint Vote TPoint Client BR US SP BM3 Nivel de Pet Leilao Mercenarios GMs Ativos Equipe profissional Suporte rapido e muito mais o que voce esta esperando Cadastre se Details
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    TimeGameSro Online Cap 110 D11 Details
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    We are a group of people with one common interest: Gaming. This is an online gaming community that unites gamers around the globe. Welcome to Chronicles! Details
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    Cabal Ep 10 XP 500x SkiLL 300x Craft 40x Alzes 20x Drop 15x XP Pet 100x Chance de Aprimorar 100 porcento ate mais 9 Novidades no Shop Cash tem ums Pets Gratis e dropa Fantasias Dropa Fantasias de Armas Eventos todos os Dias Brind Diarios Details
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    Server without resets TG every 2 hours Max lvl 190, Balanced PVP/TG, Best TG rewards, New Dungeons/Maps and Bosses Normal players can get donator set Custom security/no xtrap DDOS protected server hosted in US What are you waiting Come and show us your SKILLS Details
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    Giveaway Link ; FairKO Special Server Starting Level [ 1 ] Max Level [ 70 ] Max upgrade [ +9 ] for armors/weapons Max upgrade [ +3 ] for accessories, Exp diffculty [ Hard ] İtem diffculty [ Medium ] Coins diffculty [ Easy ] Multi Client [ 3 ] İp Limits [ 15 ] Check our social med Details
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    safdsavfds hfg ngfbgvgfdhgfhngfbngfhgd Details
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    Rates medias Exp 130x Alzes 20x Drop 5x Servidor nao vende itens high no shop e presa pelo equilibrio do servidor Venha conferir e jogar conosco Details
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    EXP rate: 2500 Level to Reset: 170 Max Reset: 100.High Rate Server with EP10 Updates [Trance Skills/Archridium/BM3 Synergies/New Costumes and Pets], Custom Alz/eCoin/Wexp NPC, Yul Event System, Saints Force Calibur [Twice a Week] Details
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    Best Unique system' Cabal Private Server' Best Refferal system,Best Battle Pass system,Best WAR experience, Lucky Draw, Dungeon Roulette, Daily Quiz, Discord Integration ,Guild Package, Unique Dropped, Character Transfer, Slot Remover ,Friendly Staff ,Open RMT, Best Long Term experience. join us Details
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    EP10 Updates, EXP 250x, Drop 2x/mob, Daily Quests 2x, T-Points, Max DP 1000, Custom DP/WEXP NPC for Pets/Costumes/Savers and more, Safeguards/Superiors drop from World Bosses/Chaos Infinity Dungeon, Arcane Trace Map, EP10 Synergys/Skills, Weekly Forcecalibur/Daily Arcane Golem Events, Join US Now Details
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    New Hungarian/English Server25x Exp 50x- Skill 25x- Craft 65x- Pet Exp 1500x- AXP 300x- WEXP New trans skills.latest buff, New Dungeons Include EOD3, AFT2, Extreme Channel. with uniq drop, Bosses with spec drop currently running Christmas Event, like new maps, and spec bosses. Details
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    Cabal Montage Play to win server Mid Rate Sever New Items Accessorizes Mecha And Dragon Set Mecha Set in Tpoionts Gold set in Yul Trans skills upon create Honor Rank class 20 No OP items 18% amp per set only New Pets New Costumes Details
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    I play to enjoy and to become strong. Cabal is a stress reliver and i enjoy it so much Details
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    Exp 120x, Double Transcender, Pet Exp 30x, Drop 2x, Alz 20x, WEXP 6x, ALZ-Bomb 3x, TG all 3h TG Time changing by the activity, 1 T-point/5min 3 T-Points/5min in TG, Max Ap 2000, DP Max 300-24h duration, Start with Aura, BM1 and BM2, Skills for 1 Alz Details
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    f s dsgshshhhfdhdfhdfhfhdfhdfhfdhdfhdfhdfhdfhhhdfhdfhdfhddfdhzhzfhfhgkjhigluyfiygufigfghuighugihiudfhguidgdfgghfdgihdguidhguidfzghfuihguifgghzuihzguihguizhguidghzudighdufighdfuighdfuighdfuighdfighfudighduighdighdfigdhfigdhfiughfdig Details
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    ASCABAL EP8 Since 2008, Exp 3000x, Skill 200x, Craft 50x, Drop 300x, AlzDrop 30x, AlzBomb 10x, PetExp 25x, WarExp 25x, MaxLevel 190, Online 724, Arcane Trace, Nostalgia Forest, With Hardcore Channel, BM3, Classic Crafting System, Customized TP WExp Shops, Very Active GM Staffs , No Cheaters. Details
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    Cabal Mia Reloaded Server Information 1 Cabal Main Class 9 Details