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the most up-to-date runes of magic private server we have both PvE and PvP servers XP is 15x TP 100x your droprate is 20x we will always be the most up-to-date server and guarantee this by our development team

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we run a unique and genuine server that does not have files that were stolen from someone that tried to help someone like our competitors at Arcadia PVE we think you should play on our server because we care about our players it want to guarantee the best gaming experience for every player yes the path has been bumpy but the future for our server looks good we offer rates XP x15, drop x20, TP x100, and gold at x20 we are the second longest running Runes of Magic private server starting back in 2010 our name is changed but our goal is never changed our goal is always to make a satisfied gaming environment for all of our players some history: Arcadia PVE and their developer they were given files by owner Domo thinking that they were going to help him and then a month later they turned around and tried to start their own server which they failed the first three times and then finally created Arcadia PVE what's the funding of a backstabbing person you should not trust their server they were ripped you off and steal from you and when you can't give them and leave with your money our server has had to change its name several times due to bad management has Domo remove the owner of "Arcadia PVE" for being a complete a****** if you are a former donator: if you are a former donator and have the account name that you donated within the past we will happily return your diamonds to you for players of other servers: if you want to change your password and give us access to your game account on any server we will happily give you every single item that you have an character level and that on our server we will match your character exactly so that way you can move servers without worrying about having to relevel thank you and have a great day