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Brimrose Online [Play2Win] [Automatic System]

Cap: 120\nnDegree:13\nnExp rates: 50x\nnParty Exp

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~~~~Over World Online~~~~ [Play to be The Best] >>PVE Cap 110 [D1 ~ D11] >>Solo EXP Rate : 25x >>Party EXP Rate : 50x >>Gold Drop Rate : 35x >>Item Drop Rate : 25x >>New Game Play System :- #### That System Which #Achieves that Play To Be The #Best #### ===>Rebirth System<=== [Reset Your Char Completely [Level 1, Stats , Skill , Str and Int ] and Give you 15 Str and 15 Int Point for Every Rebirth you can Rebirth 3 Times Only] ===>Wanted Hero Mode<=== [Kill 10 Char in Job Mode and be The Most Wanted One in The Server , This Buffs Give you Str and Int , Parry rate and Attack rate] ===>Title name<=== [Job :Be the first in your Job to take a Title name / Unique : Make our New Unique`s Quest to Got a Title name too] ===>Honor Buffs from Academy<= [Be from the First 5 Rank to Take it] ===>Reward >>Coins Global and Silk<< for Levelup [25,50,75,100,110] ===>FTW Reward by MSG System<===[Send to your char name MSG with 'Fortress:Reward' to take your reward id you in the winner Guild] ===>Request Items by MSG System <=== [You can Request an Item Like Speed by Sending a MSG to your Char name with 'Item:Speed' to got it] ===>EGY A Weapon from FGW ===>EGY A Set From NPC for Coins<=== [Follow our Coins System to Get your Coins] ===>D11 Normal Items from Mobs 104 [Blood Hyena]<=== ===>D11 Nova Items from Mobs [107 ~ 110]<=== ===>Stones and Elixir from All Mobs <=== ===>Arena Coins System :- >>Job System , 1Coin / Kill , you can take 5 Coins Only from 1 Chars Every 12H >>Arena Manager [2 Coins for Winner & 1 Coins for Looser] >>From Unique >>[Grade 4]FGW Unique and Elite ===>Copper / Gold / Siler System :- >>Those Coins From The Two Temples Job and Holy Water ===> Silk System :- >>3 Silk / Hour >>From Levelup >>Job System [2 Silk / Kill you can collect 10 Silk from 1 Char Only Every 12H] ===>Fortress War Days:[3 days in a Week >Sunday , Wednesday and Friday< ] ===>All Scrolls [Prem Remover , Change Name , Reset Stats/Skill , Avatar`s Blue Remover , Remove PK , Devil`s Blue , Etc....] ===>God Bless<=== ===>New 12 Socket Stones<=== ===>Max + : +12 no adv<=== Hope to Enjoy with Us