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Mevya High Five

Mevya x55 High Five Quality Server. Launch 4th DECEMBER !

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Server Rates: XP - x55 SP - x55 Drop Adena - x15 Drop Chance - x15 Drop Quantity - x1 Knights Epaluette - x5 Spoil - x10 Spoil Chance - x1 Quest (Reward) - x5 Raid Boss Drop Chance - x10 Raidboss Respawn Time: There will be announcement before the boss spawn (5 Hrs)! Antharas - 11 Days. Valakas - 11 Days. Baium - 15 Days +/- 1 Hour. Baylor - 24 Hours. Beleth - 24 Hours. Ant Queen - 36-48 Hours. Core - 48 Hours. Orfen - 48 Hours. Community Board (Alt+B). Buffer: Basic Buffs+Dance/Song+Resists Time - 24 Hrs / Price - 1 Adena / Group Buffs - 5k Adena ; Schemes ; Pet Buff. GMShop: Weapon - From A Grade to S-80 (Icarus). Armor - From A Grade to S (Dynasty). Jewelry - From A Grade to S (Dynasty). Misc. Items/Scrolls/Potions/Mana/Shots/Pets/Accesory/Agathions/Challanger Shop/Dualsword Craft Stamp/and much more... Premium 1.5-2.0x Price: 7 Days - 2.5 USD. 14 Days - 5 USD. 30 Days - 10 USD. 60 Days - 18 USD. Donation: Soul Crystal Accessory/Cloaks. Noblesse (Alternative Quest). Subclass (Alternative 100kk Adena). Warehouse/Clan/Inventory Slots. Name Change. Forgotten Scrolls. EXP/SP Runes. Raid Quests. Shirts/Bets. Mounts. Enchant Improvement Crystals. - Olympiad Validation once per month (28). - Castle Siege once per month on last week. - Territory Wars once per month one week before Castle Siege. - Seven Signs will be opened on server start. - Mana Potion - Yes! - Every Raidboss 79+ (Which is not instance or doesnt require party to summon it) Drops Challanger Coin - TvT New Year Events Active! .Command list: .offline - Trade. .cfg - Personal Configuration. .password - password Change. .repair - Character Recovery (Must be used by character on same account). .whoami - Personal Info. .km-all-to-me - Teleports all clan members to its leader. .gettask- Get random task. .declinetask - Decline recieved task. Wish you all good luck! Administration