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Alpha Ragnarok Online

Rates: 20x / 20x / 5x // Lv Max: 99/70 // Pre - Renewal // 2nd Trans Class // PvP Active // Intense WOE and Battleground // Freebies Available // Limited Weekly Quest

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Specifications: Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown Mechanics: Pre-Renewal Base Exp: 20x Job Exp: 20x Repeatable Quest Exp: 15x Item/Equips Rates: 5x Normal Card: 0.30% MVP Card: 0.05% Max Level: 99/70 Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 Insta-cast: 150 Dex Disabled BG Items Party level gap: 20 Maximum Character per Account: 9 Server Timezone : UTC+07 Main Town: Prontera Highlight Features: King of Emperium Hill Premium Buffer VIP System Server Features: Pre-renewal mechanics Stylist 81- hairstyles, 100+ Hair color, 500+ cloth color Limited Item each weeks Account Security PIN Feature Automated Events Many Instance Emperium Test Room Quest Shop Battleground Queue [with @joinbg] Reset Stats and Skill Custom NPCs: Job Changer [no quest needed] Healer Universal tool dealers Warper [ warps at only level 1 or fields and dungeons. ] PvP Warper PVP Rankings MVP Rankings @ Player Commands: autoloot, rates, refresh, autotrade, me, iteminfo, help, noask, auction, noks, time, showexp, whereis, whodrops, whogm, showzeny, hominfo, jailtime, request and many more.. check ingame commands : @commands