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Lineage 2 Destiny

Epilogue x1000 safe enchant 12 max 65535 easy farm all items almost free in shop

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XP x1000 SP x1000 Adena x1000 Drop x 5 Blessed Scrolls - 100 % to +16 Divine - 100% to + 20 Safe enchant +16 Max enchant +20 Max. element value - 300 Team vs Team Capture the flag Domination Mass Domination DeathMatch Last man standing Advanced Team vs Team Lucky chests Zombies Mutant Treasure hunt Hunting grounds Battlefields PK Hunter Event Scheme buffer with normal buffs Scheme buffer with enchanted buffs Teleporter in Comunity Board GM-shop in Comunity Board Foundation Items Custom Cloaks Safe enchant Manager PvP Shop Services NPC Achievement Manager Vote Rewarder Vote for Next Event Mini Raid Boss Phoenix Event Engine Custom PvP Zones Anti Over Enchant System Adedd Mini Raid Boss