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Ran Marvelz - Shaper Edition

Ran Marvelz - Shaper Max Level: 280 Max Skill: 247 SaintRan/RG/OSR/Warzone Skills - Shaper Class Enabled - Balanced GamePlay [No Op Items] - NO IMBA EXTREME - NO IMBA SKILLS - NO INVI - NO ANTIPOTS - NO STUN PURE COMBO GAMEPLAY

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Welcome to Ran Marvelz - Shaper Edition Server Information: - SR/RG/OSR/Warzone Ran Skill Animation Episode 11 Shaper Class Enabled Max Skills: 247 SR/RG/OSR/Warzone Ran Skill Animation Unlocked All skills 7 - 207 [217 - 237 Huntable] 8 Class - NO IMBA EXTREME Attack speed gameplay Combo GamePlay [Is your hand is fast enough?] Tyranny [w/ random reward on TOP 10 participants] Royal Rumble [KILL ALL RED!] [w/ automatic reward insertion] Club War [everyday] Crafting System [w/ Item preview] Market System Voting System Suryun 4x a day Item Link Enabled Character Viewer System Hide Set/Effect Function [Avoid lag for slow pc] Right click function EP11 Interface 24/7 Dedicated Server In-Game Function Ingame Change Pass Ingame Forgot Pass Ingame Change Pin Ingame Registration Ingame Fix User Connected [ReLogin] Ingame Item Mall HUNTABLE SET - Max Upgrade + 11 HUNTABLE ACCESSORIES - Max Upgrade + 11 HUNTABLE WEAPON - Max Upgrade + 11 NO ANTI SKILL NO ANTI POTS NO STUN SKILL NO INVISIBLE NO REBORN NO DELAY Official Website: https://www.ran-marvelz.com Official Page: https://www.facebook.com/rmshaper/ Official Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/370451873760975/ #RanGunner Gameplay #Saint Ran GamePlay #Warzone Ran GamePlay #Ran Online Private Server #RG Gameplay #SR Gameplay #OSR Gameplay #Balanced Gameplay #8 Class #NO EXTREME