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Silmaril Ultima Online

The aim of our perfectly balanced server about PvP and trade is providing a stable, bug free and unique Ultima Online experience.

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Hello, After a successful beta test we are going to activate our server on 28.02.2015 on Saturday at 08:00 PM. General information about our server have listed below, you can get more detailed information about how to play from our web site. (If the web site be done, it is going to be published at opening day with new design.) Game accounts will be activated in 5 minutes after you register to our forums. Specifications: Processor: Intel Xeon Cpu E3-1245 V2 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz Ram: 4 GB Bandwidth: Unlimited Firewall: Software and Hardware (Always ON) HDD: 120 GB Sphere: 56b Client: 2x and 6x (2x recommended to avoid client crashes) Connector: Maiden by Dralyan. The connector analyzed by anti-virus firms because some anti-virus programs were giving alert as malware. In this way, is removed from the existing databases of their. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The aim of our perfectly balanced server about PvP and trade is; providing a stable, bug free and unique Ultima Online experience. We are so sure about our server's security and stability that we save it only twice a day and in the future we are going to save it only once a day thus the game won't be interrupted by long saving times. Our server has a pro-active protection against cyber attacks and also all users accounts are getting saved as encrypted. The server only works sphere so any kind of lag won't happen, however we are ready to upgrade the server as a precaution if the performance drops when we have more player in the future. We stated that we want to provide enjoyable game experience to our users; therefore to reach our goal, we have rented two servers already. In the back-up server the updates and plans are getting done, after that we integrate these to main server in only five minutes. The adventure had started with a dream of being the top quality Ultima Online server, and we are moving with confident steps trough this adventure with our valuable and professional staff members. Some information about our server About Characters Characters maximum stat point is set to 225. However, this limit may be exceeded for a specified time by using some spells or special items from treasures. (Mines-plus 10 as an exception) About Skills In Silmaril you can get maximum 700.0 skill points (100.0 per skill). Determining the skill points depends on players choise. Using Day/Night time on Server Distinction between night and day on the server are used effectively. The monsters in dungeons will be much more deadly and fearless at night time. Especially we recommend you to be careful about the dragons at night time... Using the Map of Sosaria We have changed a thing in the world to create much realistic gaming experience. If you spend too much time at somewhere cold in Sosaria, your character will be sick due to freezing conditions. Every time when you get "Cold Bite" your character will lose hit points between one to five. About Mines In Sosaria world, the mines are arrenged in a specific way. There are different ore drops depending on the location of the mine. According to that; Northern Territory - Gold, Bronze, Shadow, Agapite, Silver. Minoc - Dull Copper, Iron, Copper, Shadow. Ice Isle - Bronze, Gold, Verite, Agapite, Blackrock. Isle Of Avatar - Bronze, Valorite, Agapite, Golden, Verite, Mythril, Bloodrock, Silver. Yew - Iron, Copper, Gold, Valorite. Felluca - Iron, Bronze, Shadow, Agapite, Verite, Mythril. Old Trinsic - Iron, Dull Copper, Valorite, Shadow. Britain - Iron, Bronze, Copper, Silver. About Dungeons We classified the dungeons in Sosaria according to their difficulty, and made them a bit more difficult. The easiest dungeons are the dungeons which you can mark and enter with a mount at the list below. According to that; Covetous: Forbidden to ride a mount. Deceit: Forbidden to take a mark. Despise: Forbidden to take a mark. Destard: Free to mark, Free to ride a mouth. Hytloth: Forbidden to mark, Forbidden to ride a mount. Shame: Forbidden to ride a mount. Wrong: Forbidden to mark, Forbidden to ride a mount. Fire Dungeon: Free to mark, Free to ride a mount. Ice Dungeon: Free to mark, Free to ride a mount. Other then familiar dungeons some dungeons have special experience system. When you enter these dungeons a movable counter will pop-up and show your experience. You can get more experience by killing monsters in the same dungeon. For more information about "Special Dungeons" you can check the topic named Special Dungeon. About Guilds Since British Castle and Blackthorn Castle had fallen apart there is no distinction between Order and Chaos. (For further information about how did the castles fall you can check the topic named "RP" in forum.) Instead of that the guilds can make a peace agreement or declare war to each other. With this system small guilds can come together and declare war to bigger guilds. About Houses In Silmaril you can spell a field spell around the house, however if the field spell touches the boundary of the house all field spells around the house will be dispelled. Summon creatures prevented to enter a house by scripts. Any summon creature that tries to enter a house will be removed automatically. You can reach more rules about house from here. About NPC's In Silmaril spawns arranged to OSI standards. You may not find every vendor in all cities. For example you can't find a shipwright in delucia you need to go to a city with a port.(Such as Buccaneer's Den) The monsters with +15 items are highly rare in dungeons. You can find these monsters in relatively more difficult dungeons.