Beyond Aion [4.8]

Classic Aion 4.8 with custom features and improvements, PvE & PvP, increased rates, no VIP, no Gold Pack, events, various bonuses, frequent updates, qualified support since 2015

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Beyond Aion is an AION 4.8 private server with custom features and improvements compared to the original version.
We run this server since 2015, so your accounts and progress are guaranteed to exist for a long time.
We offer both PvE and PvP without restrictions and no Pay2Win content. There are no VIP or Gold Packs but increased rates for everyone.
We hold events regularly and offer various other bonuses, which you can read on our Features page.
The server also receives regular updates for bug fixes and sometimes new features.
Our qualified support team will help you with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Come and visit us at We also host a forum and run a Discord server for discussions and more info like guides and other helpful topics.
Hope to see you soon!