InfiniteAION Classic Server

Star Gear,Free Boosts,Nice Rewards on Leveling,No Bugs,All Instances Scripted,All Skills-Classes-items-Maps are Retaillike Exp 5x Drop 5x Kinah x5 Craft x5 Recover Fee 80%, Many BattleGround Events, 24/7 Dedicated Server, Skill Auto Learn, Balanced PvP, Good Support

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100% working capacity Skills, geodata, NPCs, dungeons and everything else that may be in the game work perfectly. Game version is 4.6 It is one of the most balanced versions with locations of Katalams beloved by most of the players Server rates For the new beginning we try a Mid Rate Server Rates Ping The server is located in Germany, which allows to get a great ping from anywhere in Europe. Server client Support for the x64 version of the client allows to reach a higher performance and stability. Game shop Weapons, armor and jewelry giving any stats to the character are not sold in the shop Multi-language system Play in your native language without any additional tweaks. Our client supports: Deutsch, Français, English, Italiano, Español, Polish, Русский, Türk Stability Physical anti-DDoS protection on the side of the Data-center allows to maintain the performance of the server in the case of attacks from enemies. Security Built-in Anti-C