[NEW] Cabal CodeZero - Evolution

Real 8 Classes, Seasonal Updates, Longterm & Progressive Gameplay, Unique RNG Based Concept, Farmable E-Coins, Merit System, Chaos/Divine Upgrades, DMG Unlimit, Day/Night Mode, Power Calculator, Content Pack up to Korean Version, Professional Staff, Discord Support. Join US NOW!

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Cabal Online (CODEZERO Private Server) JOIN CABAL CODEZERO COMMUNITY NOW: Website: https://cabal.codezero.site/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CabalCodeZero/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/q3gSrYN SERVER FEATURES: ✔️ HIGH RATES ✔️ EASY START: Level 190, Instant CR20 , BM3 , +20 Gear ✔️ EPISODE 8 to EPISODE 25 Content ✔️ MERIT MASTERY SYSTEM ✔️ DUNGEON MASTERY STAT SYSTEM ✔️ UPGRADE +20 ✔️ NEW MERCENARY SYSTEM ✔️ NEW DUNGEONS pack up to latest in Korean Cabal ✔️ New Unique Mounts ✔️ BM2 Attack Modifier (Auto Retarget) ✔️ Flexible Farm Contents from Dungeons,Boss Raids,Wars,Events ✔️ Farmable E-COINS every in game actions ✔️ Daily Goal and Daily Login Reward System ✔️ Balanced Classes with reworked buffs/skills ✔️ Balanced PK/TG without overpowered items ✔️ PLAY2WIN. No gears for real money. ✔️ DDOS/Cheat Protected