Saint Cabal - EP 8 -13 New EQ and more

Exp 120x, Double Transcender, Pet Exp 30x, Drop 2x, Alz 20x, WEXP 6x, ALZ-Bomb 3x, TG all 3h TG Time changing by the activity, 1 T-point/5min 3 T-Points/5min in TG, Max Ap 2000, DP Max 300-24h duration, Start with Aura, BM1 and BM2, Skills for 1 Alz

Game Versions
Game Types
Unique Battle Mode 3 quest.Saint Force Calibur every 7 days. Emperor Gear. Hell Fire Weapons. Clas rank 11. Custom drops. Friendly and active staffs. New dungeons: Epaulet of dead 3, Forgotten Temple ft2 (Awekened) , Special Lost Island. New categories on Auction House. GA Applications are opened. Guild Emblem. HackPatrol 24/7. And much more. Join now what are u foind for. Visit us: Find us on Twitter and Facebook. VOTE FOR US ! - Get more in game players by advertising our new server !