Epic Dekaron New Era - Action 7

Welcome to Epic Dekaron! A short overview of the concept of the server / Elite Dekaron Concept / Focus on Mob Grind and Boss Fights on open maps, PK and PvP / Free to Play and no PAY-TO-WIN

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Welcome to Epic Dekaron! Reviving the old, best, and classic no. 1 Elite Dekaron! Pure Action 9! 7 Classic characters! A7 Skill revamps + 102 New Skills + Trans-up! 180 Gears to farm + 160 Weapon or +10 150 Power Weapons! Carlsberg Voucher madness! Exchange items to NPC for end game advantage! The game focuses on Mob Grinding and Boss hunts on open maps, PK and PvP, events, and many many more! Free to Play, and no PAY-TO-WIN. So what are you waiting for?! We can't wait until your with us! Play now!