LMS Forsaken World - Dysil's Wrath

LMS Forsaken World Dysils Wrath High rates: PvP + PvE realms | Latest content | All Instance Working | PvP Flag lvl 60 | Free Mount | Leaves for Voting | Leaves for time spent online | Custom content | Come join the fun!

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New LMS Forsaken World Dysil's Wrath Private Server Our Rates are: 10x Quest experience rewards 10x Quest money rewards 10x Quest Spirit. PvP from level 50. Weekly change of PvP/PvE mode on realms 2,3,4,5. All Instance Working, Free Mount, Latest + custom content Leaves for voting, Leaves for being online Easy and fun to play Since 2008 LMS Network provides our players best experience on highest level. Our Professional Staff is always happy to assist players. Join our great community now http://fw.lmspw.com