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UltimatePVP is free to play knight online private server based on pvp and a bit of farm When you log in to the game you start with decent gear to begin,you have to level up to 80 at worms and go pk The events are scheduled and on going daily

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Ultimate Knight Online | PVP Server status : OFFICIAL LIKE&SHARE EVENT - http://ultimateko.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=10&st=0&#entry10 OPEN OFFICAL IN ! Here can you report bug (thanks) - > UltimatePvP -> Report Bug ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Panel : UltimateKO :: Panel Index Forum : UltimatePvP -Guide : UltimatePvP -> Guides&Questions -Start Gear : UltimatePvP -> Start gear -Drop/Upgrade list : UltimatePvP -> Drop list (rate)/Upgrade rates -Time Event : UltimatePvP -> Event Time -Patch Note : Coming Soon Client : UltimateKO :: Panel Downloads FTP (Here you can find patch - manual download and unpack into client) : ftp://ultimateko.sytes.net/patchs/ Media - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ultimatekopvp? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Basic Information : Server version : 1298. Type : PK/light farm (Unique and better item from start gear). Level Cap : 80. Starting level : 1 Starting Gear : Chitin Shell armors +8, Beginner Accessories, High class weapons +8, more details - UltimatePvP -> Start gear About Master : There not need 60 lvl and relog or make quest, It's is auto. About Skill : All skill's are on w/out QUEST. Exp guide : 1 worm - 1 level :P. The Best Weapons/Armors [Available]: Undefeatable weapons, Krowaz armors (Soon valkyrie/bahamut and much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features : -All Resolutions Support! -GM's/Admin active. -Forgotten temple working [NOT Available] -Bi-frost mob in CZ for active [raid for spots](Behind spots, apostle, lamie.) -Understanding human&karus in pk zones, work. -Lunar War [two in week]. -99% skill are working, but need balanced. Coming Soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Panel CP Features Information : -Change Password. -Enable/Disable Equipped Items View. -Class Change/Nation Transfer/Race Change [KC/Vote Point]. -Vote system/Redeem Vote Points(Vote for server.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Events with details : -Lunar war (Location : War zone, Nation vs Nation, who first kill warder x2 and kepper is winner, after go invasion to Luff/EMC.) -Forgotten Temple [NOT Available] -Castle Siege War [NOT Available] -King Election [NOT Available] -Boss War . [ UltimatePvP -> Boss War ] -Kill the GM Event . -Boss event . -Krowaz Event. [Location : CZ/Moradon, gm write in notice. Spawn Krowaz mob.] -Question and Answer. -Find the GM Event. -Vs event. [Location : Arena, 1 vs 1 (Rogue vs rogue, after rogue winner vs with warrior winner. ETC] -Random Boss [Location : Colony zone, Any time, anyone boss spawn in Bowl. [Details coming soon, don't worry.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules in Game : 1. NO RACISM. 2. NO INSULT. 3. SPEAK/TALK IN CHAT : ENGLISH. 4. NO DUPE 5. NOT IMPERSONATING ADMIN OR GM. 6.NO HACK [Cheating, k0xp and other shit] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Armor & Weapon Upgrade Rates : Weapon/Armor [Item] From +1 to +8 - 100% From +8 to +9/+10 - 0 % Unique/Akcessorie [Ring etc] From +0 to +1 - 100% From +1 to +2 and more - 0 % Clan grade requirements : -10000 nps for grade 4 -20000 nps for grade 3 -49968 nps for grade 2 -79992 nps for grade 1 Support Contact - [email protected] or via PM (Trying give answer in 24 hours) Join us, it's never too late. ***************