L2-Faction AVD [INTERLUDE] Facion server : Angels VS Demons Grand opening 2015.03.11 18:00 [GMT+2] COME JOIN AND CONQUER SERVER!

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INTERLUDE AVD HTTP://L2-FACTION.COM GRAND OPENING 2015.03.11 18:00 (GMT+2) Hello dear players, we are glad to announce that L2-FACTION server will rise up in [2015-03-15 18:00 (GMT+2)], server is prepared for your game pleasure. As you can see server type is AVD ( ANGELS VS DEMONS). Maybe you are the one and only who will conquer L2-FACTION server SERVER FEATURES MAIN INFO: Unique Angels VS Demons server mod. Two factions: Angels and Demons. Adena, exp, sp, faction point rewards from pvp and for capturing the flags. Enchant with Simple Scrolls: Max +16, Chance 75% Enchant with Blessed Scrolls: Max +16, Chance 80% (donating for server). NPC: Faction Manager. NPC Teleporter: teleports directly to captured and static flags. GMSHOP. S.Gr Shop. Skill Enchanter. Dyes maker Augument ZONES: Zones changing every 30min. 1. ZONE 2. ZONE 3. ZONE 4. ZONE EVENTS: Chaos event give your character super haste 2 lv! OLYMPIADA: Heroes change every week. Olympiad works everyday 18:00-24:00 GMT+2 ETC: A Grade Free S grade for Aden. No grade weght penaty. Anti heawy! Interesting faction maps. Don't need to click ctrl when attacking enemy. Custom Community Board: server tops. Killing spree messages.