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Beginning of game: All new characters appear in Giran Castle Town and have level 80. Each character has a starting capital of 2000000000 Aden. Each character gets: beginner's Wings and the entire set of necessary supplies When getting professions: Archmage, Dominator, Storm Screamer, Soultaker, Mystic Muse - you get new unique skills that have increased attack power, as well as additional vampirism. All characters have the status of a nobleman. Additional information: The maximum sharpening of weapons and armor is +75 The chance of sharpening weapons and armor is 85% The maximum number of sub classes is 5, you can take absolutely any class. Convenient NPC buffer with all buffs and resists lasting for 120 minutes, as well as 100 slots for the buff. Developed additional premium buff. Endless arrows-nipples. RAID Bosses: All bosses have a Last Hit set - The last one to hit gets a drop. Upgrade bosses #1, #2, #3-Respawn 5 minutes, drop 2 Upgrade Coin to each member of the party. Valakas, Antharas, Bauim-Respawn 5 minutes, drop from 15 to 50 RBC depending on the boss. Power Boss-Respawn 5 minutes, drop 2 power Ingredients to each party member. PvP Boss-Respawn 5 minutes, drop 10-20 PvP Coin, 1 Top Grade LS with a 15% chance, 1 power Ingredient with a 50% chance pvp Zone is set. Wings RB-Respawn 30 minutes, drop ingredient for completing the quest on wings, each member of the party. Donat Boss-Respawn 2 hours, drop 1-2 Donate Coin. Bird of the Gods-Respawn 3 hours, drop 1 coin of the Gods. Agathion Boss-Respawn 4 hours, drop 1 Shard of Agathion. Hiro Boss-Respawn 4 hours, reward to finish off the heroism boss for 24 hours. Bosses to get Legendary equipment L2creed Level 4: Neeray-Respawn 3 hours, drop 1 Jewerly Coin. Aquilon-Respawn 2 hours, drop 1 Armor Coin. Hector-Respawn 50 minutes, drop 1 Weapon Coin. * For bosses with a respawn of more than 25 minutes, the announcement of the appearance is set 10 minutes before the RB respawn. More detailed description on our forum: https://forum.l2creed.ru