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???? Friends, we are launching a bonus launch on L2CREED.RU x50000 NEW! ???? ???? The bonus starts on June 11 at 20: 00 Moscow time! When creating a character, you will receive: ✅ 1. Warrior or Mage Tattoo 1 LVL ✅ 2. Premium account for 3 days ✅ 3. Donat bonus +20% for 3 days ✅ 4. Additional advertising of the project and the influx of new players! ???? Our website: https://l2creed.ru Sincerely, your l2creed ???? Beginning of the game: All new characters appear in Giran Castle Town and are level 80. Each character has a starting capital of 2,000,000,000 adena. Each character receives: Novice Wings and the entire set of necessary consumables A new skill (Summoner's help) will be added to all professions, without exception - this skill can be used once every 40 seconds in order to recall the summon of the enemy with a 50% chance. All characters have noble status. Changed classes: When receiving professions: Archmage, Dominator, Storm Screamer, Soultaker, Mystic Muse - you get new unique skills that have increased attack power, as well as additional vampirism. When getting a profession: Cardinal - You get the new skill Glare of light significantly more restores the target's health. When getting a profession: Sagittarius, Moonlight Sentinel, Ghost Sentinel - You get a new skill God Dodge. Chance to evade physical attacks 100% lasts 5 seconds, resumes 5 minutes after use. When getting a profession: Titan - You get a new skill Fast Run increases your running speed by 30 for 5 seconds, resumes after 10 minutes. When getting a profession: Phoenix Knight, Shillien Templar - You get the skill God's shield reflects 100% of the damage taken, lasts 10 seconds, resumes after 5 minutes. When getting a profession: Adventurer, Wind Rider, Ghost Hunter - You get the Whisper skill makes you invisible for 5 seconds, interrupted if you use skills, resumes after 5 minutes.