server l2off 30x rates exp spoil x12 drop x12 adena x50 seal stones x6 all quest working quest drop rate from 6x to 12x random all skills working 100% perfect geodata work 100% JOIN US TODAY

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First of all i want to say hi to everyone here, I am new on this forum and i planned to open an l2 server interlud since 2007, I've been working on l2 projects since 2004 , I am 31 years old and i would like to present all of you my work and my skills. I finished my project called l2elite running on java platform.This project is made from 0 (zero) ,all quests working 100%,all skills working 100%,and i can assure you is better then frozen , acis and all other servers you played. Generally everything was made like L2OFF in proportion of 95% Website: www.l2elite-pvp.com Server open 24 November -=[Advertise Event]=- -=[Event Rules]=- 1. You must advertise our server Start Date however you want in forums, social networks, skype, lineage 2 facebook pages, be creative and win. 2. Advertising must contain: - server name - grand opening date and time - server website link: www.l2elite-pvp.com - server features(optional) 3. After you will finish advertising, you have to make screenshots to prove that you did your job great. Send screenshots to us in ''CONTACT US'' page, or you can make a topic on your forum and post all screenshots/proves there and we will make a classament and post here. P.S. Topic must contain your skype or facebook or email adress. 4. The more you advertise server = more chances to win 1st place. Event Prizes: 1st place - 150 Glittering Medals 2nd place - 125 Glittering Medals 3rd place - 100 Glittering Medals 4th place - 75 Glittering Medals 5th place - 65 Glittering Medals 6 th place - 55 Glittering Medals 7 th place - 45 Glittering Medals Now i will tell all of you what await you on L2elite -=[Rates]=- - Experience (XP): x30 - Skill Points (SP): x30 - Drop (Adena): x50 - Drop (Items): x3 -Drop (Quest): x5 - Spoil: x2 (increased spoil drop chance rates on materials ,scrolls and recipes) - Seal Stones: x10 - Drop (Raidboss): x5 - Drop (GrandBoss): x1 - Drop (Grandboss Jewelry): x1 -=[Enchant]=- - Safe Enchant amount: +3 - Max. Enchant amount: +16 - Real Chance (for Regular Scrolls): 66% - Real Chance (for Blessed Scrolls): 66% -=[Raid Boss]=- 85 Level - Valakas: 264 hours / Random + - 1 hour 85 Level - Frintezza: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour 79 Level - Antharas: 192 hours / Random + - 1 hour 80 Level - Baium: 120 hours / Random + - 1 hour 80 Level - Zaken: 60 hours / Random + - 1 hour 80 Level - Core: 60 hours / Random + - 1 hour 80 Level - Orfen: 48 hours / Random + - 1 hour 80 Level - Queen Ant: 20 hours / Random + - 1 hour -=[Anti-Bot-System]=- All active characters will be asked one question and they will have 6 answers Simple question like: 1+1=? With 5 retarded answers and 1 correct answer Afk characters will not be asked(only active) 1st time caught bot - character roll back items 24h and -9 levels (delevel) 2nd time caught bot - character roll back items 48h and -9 levels (delevel) 3rd time caught bot - character gets perma ban and will appear like dead on start game screen -=[Donations]=- You can donate for: - Premium Status - AIO Buffer - Donator Coins(use them in donator shop) -=[Special Features]=- - Special Potions: - Enchanter Mana Potion: restore 35mp/sec , reuse delay: 20 sec , duration time: 20 sec - 16 Custom tattoos created with big attention to not unballance gameplay - 4 basic tattoos which can be upgraded up to 4 levels - Spectral Dancer learn new dance when reach level 80 - Sword Muse learn new song when reach level 80 - all monsters level 75+ have verry low chance to drop 3 Glittering Medals - all level 75+ Raid Boss have 100% chance to drop 5 Glittering Medals - use Glittering Medals to achieve usefull items - all monsters arround the world drop 3 Event-Medals each - when you collect enough Event-Medals you can exchange them to 70% chance Boxes - in boxes you can find A grade items - this feature will not disballance crafting A grade because: - is more faster to spoil and craft A grade then kill 3000 monsters for one A grade part - this feature is only for make game more enjoyable and fun in the same time -=[Features]=- - 100% Working all Interlude features - Olympiad Period - 7 Days (End of Week) - Full working skills, classes (Balanced) - All Quests full working (Retail) - All zones full working (MOS, Pagan, Stakato, PI) - Working Fortresses, Clan Halls and Castles - Full working Raid / Grand Bosses - Buffer 1 hour buff time - Buff slots 24 + 4 (Learn with Divine Inspiration) - First class reward: 500.000 adena - Second class reward: 1.000.000 adena - Third class reward: 3 BOGs and 1.000.000 adena - 3 free retail Sub-class - Nobless questable / buyable - 100% Protection Against 3rd softwares - Offline Shops Working (make shop buy/sell and type .offline_shop or /offline_shop) - Autoloot system, Autolearn skills - Agumentations System - Life stone Skill chance: LS-3%, Mid-5%, High-7%, Top-10% - Mammon NPCs added to Giran Castle Town - GM Shop up to Top B-grade - Materials recipes added to GM Shop - Full Working Geodata Server have all protections needed Server is not ready yet and will be opened 15 november 2014 [Saturday] 10 days before grand opening i will edit post and i will put here: website adress with the patch for download I except to see 2000+ players on start for party,levelup,help each other, make clans etc... I hope i will have a good start for a server which i planned to keep alive a long period of time