Online 5000+ This MultiCraft x100! OPENING FEBRUARY 28! English patch, solo players, clans, sieges, epics! Just give it a try!

It's important to know: Project website: http://rampage.pw/ Server time: Moscow. Launch date: February 28 at 20:00. Open Beta Testing Date: February 26 at 20:00. Beginning of the Olympiad: February 29 at 18:00. Issue of the first heroism: March 6 at 00:00 General information: - Server Chronicles: INTERLUDE. - High-quality platform and implementation of INTERLUDE chronicles - Profession is taken automatically [window call in .menu] * 1-2 Professions are free, 3 Profession 3.000.000 Adena. - Full functionality in Alt + B [Shop, teleport] - Everyone appears in Dion Town level 10, in top No Grade equipment and has 1000 adena, as well as a starting mage / warrior buff.