MapleTales v83 - [Low Rate] [HD] [Free NX]

MapleTales v83 - [Low Rate] [Permanent 24/7] [Free NX] [Classic] [HD] New Players Event Get 50,000 NX! Try MapleTales! Free NX Cash Coupons, Global MapleStory Like, Classic Gameplay MapleTales offers nostalgic gameplay and a friendly community!

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Do you miss the old days of MapleStory? MapleTales is a FREE to play MapleStory Private Server v83. (Original Global MapleStory GMS) Enjoy FREE NX coupon drops, Party Quests, Guilds and nostalgic gameplay just like the old school days! We invite you to be part of our new community! MapleTales Event: New Accounts that join get 50,000 NX Cash and 5,000,000 Mesos to start their character. Please LEAVE your character name in our DISCORD CHANNEL called:"#newplayername" for us to process. You must be logged into the game to get the reward. Please be patient. Limited time only!