Darkeden Infinity

Darkeden Infinity, the first horror mmorpg, join us now and enjoy our gameplay, 40x rates server.

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Darkeden is the first mmorpg the horror genre. In the game you will live in an environment of constant wars between Vampires, Slayers and Ousters a region call Helea, the gameplay is similar to Diablo 2. The game has 3 races with specific classes for each so we have 11 classes in total to choose from, they are: Human (Slayers), sub-divided into the classes - Gunner: firearms, Enchant: Support magician, Healer: mage and healing, Blader and Sword using swords and have different skills. Vampires - can be created intelligence, making powerful in magic attacks and poisons, are natural blood handlers and dextery to deliver powerful attacks on their opponents by cutting them with its claws. Ouster - are mystical beings that after seeing the numerous conflicts between vampires and slayers eventually join this war, can cast elemental powers of water, earth or fire, and can also be melee fighters using Chakrams to deliver powerful attacks in enemies. On Sundays from 18 hours happens a great war between all races, where all go to the holy land of Adam try to capture the blood of Bibles enemy races, blood Bibles are powerful magical artifacts that greatly increase the power of race whole that has totally there are 12 bibles and all have a unique effect, after the war that lasts one hour you can get the power of the bibles that race captured.