Infinite Mafia

JUST RELEASED! 2/10/2019 Welcome To Infinite Mafia! Immerse yourself into a Modernized World on a Classic Styled Mafia Text-Based RPG! Will You Give Everything to Survive? Or Will You Die Trying? Wipe The Slate Clean and make a name for yourself. Rise in Ranks Achieving Titles and Achievements!

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Imagine reading a book or viewing a comic, or even watching a movie. And You begin to ponder what it would be like to be them. Infinite Mafia Is a Strategically Fantasized Mafia Web Game, Its a Very-New twist in Old School way . We bring you classes to take part in the venture to become who you wanna be. Each Class has a Back Story, everything will be released in further updates. Giving you insight on whom or what you became to be. Its your job now to set things straight, Venture into the *Back Streets* for PvE Action, Fight Police,Witches,Tree Giants, Swat, Mafia... Join a Gang and Commit Crimes Together for massive payout. Get reward per level! *Smuggle Points* across borders, or *Search Downtown*. Will You be the deadliest mobster of them all?