Home MuOnline Season 12 Epi2 Max lvl 1000

Season 12 Episode 2 Exp: 500x Max Level: 1000 Max Reset: 10 Season 4 Sets and Wings Full Option Server Drops: 100% Monster HP:100% Keep Stats: Yes Reset Payment: 15000000 Pk Clear Payment: 25000000 Jewels and Pets on shop Machine %:85 Server up atleast 2 years!

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Home MuOnline Networks is pleased to offer you this fascinating online game called Mu Online, we put at your disposal the most recent and novel about this wonderful game, where it gives you the chance to meet people from all over the world and spend great moments. Hades Networks is created for users who want to solve their doubts, problems or help other users to understand more the operation of HadesMu through their forums and chat, you will discover how fun and rewarding the world of Hades Mu Online can be. Think no more! Join our community, you will not regret it! Specifications Version: Season 12 Episode 2 Website: Home MuOnline Season XII Home Max Level: 1000 Max Master Level: 700 Points Per Level: 5/7 All characters from level 1 Item Drop : 100% Experience Settings Normal Experience: x500 Master Level Experience: x200 Event Experience: x250 WebShop: Online Offlevelling: Online Offtrading: Offline All well-armed maps with their Spot marked on the map Server Fast Exp & Drop: 500 x 100% - Master x700 Server Fast Lvl reset: 1000 Stay Stats [Max 10 Resets + vip 15 days and initial pack] International Version[Chinese and English Version]