MuDynamic Season 6

💎 9999x Exp, 60% Drop, Max Level 400 🔄 Resets, Grand Resets, and Master Levels available ⚔️ Offattack feature with VIP option 🌐 Max 3 IP connections 💎 Achievement systems 💎 Auction System bid using Sign Of Lord

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Game Versions
Game Types

Base Information:

Server Version: Season 6 Ep 3
Server 1 EXP: x9999
Server 2 NoN - PK  : x2500 
Drop: 60%
Maximal Level: 400
Maximal Stats: 32767
Max Ip Connection: 3
CashShop: Enable


In website: Game panel
In game: /reset or /reset auto
Reward: 10 Wcoins
Stats: Stay
Skills: Stay
Items: Stay
Stay on Spot: On
Maximal Reset: 10000

Grand Reset

Require: 50 resets
In website: Game Panel
Stats: Stay
Items: Stay
Skills: Stay
Reward: 5000 WcoinsC
Hp Bonus Reward: 400 (max 100000)
Maximal Grand Reset: 10000
Master Level settings/Offattack
Maximal ML: 200
Points per level: 1
Master Level Exp: 10x
Reset Master Lvl: In website - Game Panel


offattack only allowed on server 2 with x2500 exp, VIP users will gain x7000 exp on server2

* Maximum of 2 accounts are allowed for an off-attack. If you use 3 accounts, you won't be able to log in until one of the off-attack times is lifted.

IP connections

Maximal IP connections are 3. We don't recommend playing more than 2 accounts at the same time.


/addstr - Add strength
/addagi - Add agility
/addvit - Add health
/addene - Add energy
/addcmd - Add command
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatically request approval.
/Quest - Start quest mode
/bar - move to bar
/evo - Evolve to 2nd class and 3rd class
/post - Post in Global chat
/reset - Reset your character (400lvl)
/pvp1 - go to pvp area in devias 
/reset auto - automatic reset
/reset auto off - turn off auto reset
/attack - Start attack
/offattack - Start offattack (After writing the command, character gets disconnected and starts offline leveling)
/zen 2000000000 - Add max Zen to your character
/pk - Remove PK level
/bau 1-2 - Add extra vault to your account
/clearinventory - Clear your character inventory
/marry - Marry your character
/readd - Re-add your character stats
/remaster - Reset master skill tree
/store - Open custom store
/offstore - Open custom offline store
/war - Start guild war
/soccer - Start battle soccer with other guild
/pack - Pack your Jewels (10/20/30...)
/unpack - Unpack your Jewels (10/20/30)

Event Highlights:

Kundun  Invasion(All monster): Drop 5 Ancient items, Location: Lorencia, Atlans , Devias 2, Arena - Drop are 100% rate! Every 2 Hours
Golden Invasion(All monster): Drop 5 items, Gemstone ,Sphere lvl 5, Christmas Star - Every 2 hour
Chaos Castle(Any level): Drop  5 items, Seed sphere Gemstone , Christmas Star
Erohim: Drop 10 items, 30% chance of Ancient item, High seeds and Gemstone bundle drop rates. - Respawn every 8 hour - Land of Trials
Nightmare(Kanturu event): Drop 1 Ancient items
White wizard: Drop 3 items, Pentas(high chance), Wizards Ring, Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia
Skeleton King: Drop 3 items, Penta, 10% chance of Ancient item, Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia
Blood Castle(Any level): Drop 5 items, Sphere lvl 5, Gemstone, Christmas Star
King of Mu(Any level): Event  Location Devias 3, once a day, (Please Refer Guide Section)