MuPlanet S9 Dynamic

MuPlanet S9 Ep2 Ch1 Custom Client Dynamic resets Dynamic XP Auto update And much more Grand opening PROMO CODE: DREG-J4SH-OAY5

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Game Types
Reset at level 400. Stat drop + 200 free stat points with every reset 1st reset +200, 2nd reset +400, 3rd reset +600 etc. For beginners You will need Zen and jewel of creation to reset after level 400. More resets you have, more jewels you will need! Jewel of Creation x current reset count. For beginners, Elite and up fixed price. Also with VIP you need to pay less jewels For resets you get rewards Gold points - with gold points you can buy VIP, exclusive items and much more Also you can change your online time for very needed yewels, or you can trade platinium coins for yewels