New server Season 6 Episode 2000x

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Welcome to the world of MuWorld! Visit our servers Urania (50x), Argos (300x), Halbion (2000x). Lots of additional things so that no one ever gets bored! New Quests, Items, Bosses, Maps, Ranks etc! Join us today! BASIC GAME SETTINGS Experience: 50x, 300x, 2000x Master Exp: 50x, 50x Character Create Level All classes = 1 lvl Guild create level: 300 lvl Max members when DL is GM = 40 Max members when DL isn't GM = 40 Points Per Level: Dark Knight / Dark Wizard / Elf / Summoner = 5 pts Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord / Rage fighter = 7 pts Max stats: 32767 OTHER SETTINGS: xShop - Yes (currency only WcoinC for playing) Webshop - Urania NO, Argos/Halbion YES More info on the websites More info: Max ACC per IP connections = 4 ! PK SETTINGS ! PK disable trade / create shop PK can drop item when die (no wings, but any other!) On the server we've NON PK MAPS: Lorencia / Noria / Elveland / Atlans / Aida / Karutan - other maps PK ! Elf buffer max lvl = 350 Helper min. lvl = 80 !!! NEW MONSTER LVL SYSTEM: HIGHER MAP = HIGHER EXP !!!