X100 NO DONATE ITEMS - OPEN 13th of February

ON SERVER X1000 BONUS ALL NEW PLAYERS:: 2 Servers: x1000 and x100 WITHOUT DONATE ITEMS :: Achievements :: Economics game play and full PVP/PVE balance :: GuildWarehouse :: QuestSystem :: NewBuffs :: NEW PETS :: NEW ITEMS until season 15 :: NEW MAPS until season 15 :: NEW Craft Mixes and much more

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Spada MU Online waiting for all fans of this wonderful MMORPG game, lovers of easy boost and PVP battles. Opening October 24th, big start online. Choose Spada Mu Online, bring your guild, participate in forum and game quests- Earn WCoinC Currency ALREADY AT THE START!! You won't find anything like this anywhere else! To make sure of this, you just need to register and log in to site with your account . A very interesting gameplay awaits you. Many choices of activities both on the server itself and on the site. Also on the website muspada.com a new add-on POKER is available. While your character gains experience in the game, you can relax with your friends or rivals in POKER (earning additional VC to purchase any items on our server). On our server, in a game way, it is possible to get items for character, wings, weapons and more without donation. We guarantee a professional approach that fully justifies your time spent.