Pre-Rebirth - EP 5.0 (Yuno) - 11x 11x 2x 1x - WoE 1.0 - Discord - Classic - Semi Full PvP/WoE

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EdgeRO The True Ragnarök Online Server Information ---------------------- Status: ONLINE (22/06/21) Site ---------------------- http://z9d.short.gy/EdgeRO | http://bit.ly/EdgeRO | http://EdgeRO.ga/ Main Information ---------------------- Free to Play Server — Languages: EN-US and PT-BR Pre-Rebirth — Classes 1 and 2 — Max Level 99/50 Episode 5 (Yuno) stationary — Classic (not Revo-Classic) — No modifications Semi Full PvP/WoE (many essential items based on vote points rental) Rates and Server Economy ----------------------- 11x 11x 2x 1x Server economy based on normal grind items (vote points rental items are allowed to be used anywhere) Guilds and Groups ----------------------- Guild Alliance: Disabled War of Emperium ----------------------- Classic (1.0) - Only Kriemhild castle Time and Date: Tuesday to Sunday from 8 pm to 9 pm (GMT -3) NPCs, Commands e Channels ----------------------- Custom NPCs: Resetter, Vote for Points (Usable, Visuals, Equips), Warp to Castle, Banker, Online Reward, Super Job Master, Combat Arena, Antibot, Stylist Useful Commands: Yes (@commands) Channels: #global, #trade, #support, #ally, #map (send PM in-game) ___ Last Update: 18/08/21