Enlighten Ragnarok Online

Most updated when it comes to item updates from official server. We are a low rate server with Classic RO Mechanics. We do hourly backups, to ensure your account is safe.

Game Versions
Game Types
Enlighten Ragnarok Online Private Server that is similar to Official Server, a low base and job rate. Maintaining the ingame enjoyment. We are doing daily database backup to protect your accounts. The game supports online buy/sell/pubs. We also support report tickets to track your game experience. We're also planning to import the ragnarok map to our server. EnlightenRO gave you 7% base experience and 7% job experience, we also providing a stable drop rate for 5%. The game has scheduled War of Emperium. The most notable day is every sunday Philippines Time(PH) that you need to spend the whole day to protect your castles. Let's play and Enjoy!