Insidius Ragnarok Online

Max Lv/Job: 99/70 2nd Rebirth Class [ Champion , LK , ETC ] Rates: 25x/25x/20x Normal Card: 60x MVP Card: 3x Max ASPD: 190 No imba costume , classic Ragnarok Online with old izlude maintown Server Location Singapore , International Server [ Mostly Asia Player ]

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Insidius Ragnarok Online Episode 1: The beginning of the new era Open Beta: 17 April 2015 Server Location: Singapore NO LAG Guarantee Server Information Max lv/job: 99/70 2nd Rebirth ( Champion , Lord knight , etc ) Exp Rates: 25x / 25x / 10x Normal Card: 60x MVP Card: 3x Max ASPD: 190 Max Zeny: Godly Item: Disable ( Removed ) Vending Town: Prontera, Morroc International Server, Balanced Server, Classic Ragnarok Player Commands monsterinfo (mi) , whodrops , time help, uptime , playime , gametime whobuy , whosell , whereis , autotrade jailtime , lang , rates , channel , autoloot Server Links Website: Board Forum: Facebook: Screenshot IRO opening [IMG][/IMG] middle time IRO [IMG][/IMG] IRO now [IMG][/IMG] event [IMG][/IMG] a week later [IMG][/IMG] db event [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] bot jailed [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] server active players [IMG][/IMG] News, info, etc, all will be posted @forum ! so stay tuned @forum