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99/70 Pre-renewal, close to official, WoE,Battlegrounds,custom quests,NO-OP, very well Balanced. Daily Events and alot more..

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Play Wild Ragnarok Online Our aim is to bring the best ragnarok feel, so being close to official, but with alot of exciting and interesting features,without affecting the gameplay, Plenty of Server's are opened by newbie's, which after their curiousity gets closed. we are very old and intend to keep the ragnarok gameplay as its suppose to be, we ensure no wipes, and intend to be open for years.decades Our Donation system is not play-to-win, donation is only purpose to keep server maintained, with upgrade-advance dedicated servers, and advertisement. We are very old developer, and we ensure zero gm corruption. a very fair to play server is Play Wild Ragnarok Online. Your Experience at us will be your Lifetime Memory LAUNCHING 15TH OF DECEMBER 2014 - Join Play Wild RO and be part of awesome Ragnarok gameplay. Dedicated staff, Daily events by GM & automated, NO-Over powered gears. Very well Balanced server Adelay,Antibot, DDOS Protected. WoE, FE, SE, Vanilla & Regular. PvP and Battlegrounds. Costume's, Hairstyles,etc Server Info Rates :- Base/Job/Drop - 8x8x3x Normal Equip/Boss Equip - 3x/3x Usable Item - 3x Card Drop-Normal - 10x Card Drop -Boss - 3x Max Level: 99/70 Mechancs: Pre-Renewal 150 Dex Insta Cast 190 ASPD Max Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown Protection: Adelays & Hashield Anti-bot protection. Dedicated Server with High Class DDOS protection. Location: Los Angeles Battleground & War of Emperium Second Edition, First Edition Vanilla Woe Very well Balanced Server, with no wipes, NO-OP gears. Our aim is to provide best Ragnarok Experience, we are close to the Officials. Very old Experience Admin with 10+ years of Experience. In-game Commands :- @autoloot, @storage, @refresh, @autotrade, @noks, @go, @whosell, @whodrops, @iteminfo, @mobinfo, @help, @commands, @jumptowhosell,.. & more Register Now !!!