SimpleRO - Bringing back simplicity!

10x/10x/5x | Pre-Renewal | Active Development | No Donations | Custom Play Points System | Community Forums & Wiki!

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SimpleRO is a server that was released with one goal in mind, bringing back the simplicity of what ragnarok used to be. We all remember back in the day how ragnarok was, before third classes and all of the new updates. This server will be constantly receiving additional updates and contents, and we appreciate all feedback and feature requests that you are able to provide. We have two versions of our server, we have a high rate server and a low rate edition. Be sure to check out both! Low Rate: 10x/10x/5x | Job Changer | 1st Level Dungeon Warper | Custom Play points system | Community Forums & Wiki | Party Share Bonus | Healer that only heals up to a certain level, and then you must pay | Active Development | Automated Events | Quest Room | Much Much More. High Rate: 1000x/1000x/2000x | Job Changer | All in one warper | Custom play points system | Community Forums & Wiki | Healer & Buffer | Quest Room | Automated Events | Active Development | GM Hosted Events | Much Much More.