Ashica Ran Online

Classic Style 4 Class Server Max Level 155 Max ups +9 Max skill 147 Hunt your own items. Quest System Gambling and Attendance System. Vote and Game time Shop system. No Imba! Growing community. +7 items freebies and quest rewards. +9 weapon and set gained by voting and game time points.

Game Versions
Game Types
JOIN US NOW!! Ashica Ran Online Servers. Main site : All Servers no donation items. Hunt or combine your own. Donations are thru services only and super cheap! Ranging from 50-150 php only! Classic Server: (NEW!) Max Level 155 4 class Max Skill 147 Quest system like previous Ran Online. Gambling and attendance system. NewDawn Server: Max Level 300 5 class with extreme @lvl 190 Max Skill 207 with SS Skills (Not imba). Item mix System +15 Set n Weapons for newbies. Boss hunt and custom quests. Gambling and attendance system. Resident Evil Server: Max level 99 4 types of builds (Assault, Sniper, Bomber, Medic) Boss hunt (Nemesis, Tyrants Etc.) Mission/Quest System First and only Resident Evil style server. Different style of War.