Arcadia PVE Runes of Magic

Brand-new Runes of Magic Server. Arcadia PVE rates x13 for everything gold/xp/pt/etc. We are offering all our users full 6.x features!. Come and join our Taborea World. You will not regret!.

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INTRODUCTION Welcome everybody to Arcadia PVE Runes of Magic. A brand-new ROM Private Server. Arcadia organisation was created exclusively for players entertaiment. We count with a very attentive Staff, which helps you with everything you need in your adventures on Arcadia. We are sure we can bring you all the best Runes of Magic experience in the world. So, what are you waiting for?. Come and join us!. FEATURES - Chapter VI - Version - New zone: Salioca Basin - New instance: Crypt of Eternity - Level 98 cap - Level 90 instance - Drop/Exp/Gold rate are x13. Due to a TP problem with quests, MOBS' TP are x500 to avoid lack of PT. - Best Staff - High service - Low prices MORE INFO Feel free to enter in either our website or forum. Website: Forum: There you would find information you could need. Remember it is 100% necessary to download our client, due to our custom one and more functions. Moreover we do not support problems would appear if you use your own client. Thanks a lot for being part of us!. Regards, Arcadia Runes of Magic Team.