Hyperion RoM ✅

Play 2 Win - Level 67 Content - Diamond drops - Troll Ground Duo farmable Dungeon - Reworked Class Combos - Fair Itemshop - Better Card System - and many more... Join US now!

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-All Races and Classes playable
-Current Level Cap 67
-Base XP Rate 6x (15x on Weekend)
-Base TP Rate 8x (20x on Weekend)
-Base Drop Rate 3x


-Diamond drops in many dungeons for players of all gamestages:
Barren Caves: Anglo drops 30 dias.
Forsaken Abbey: Ancalon drops 30 dias.
Dungeon of Dalanis: Maxim Erekat drops 50 dias.
Temple of Raksha: Paicha and Tyda drop 100 dias each.
Kawaks Tomb: Anubis has a chance of dropping 200 dias.
Grafu Castle: Annelia drops 500 dias and has a chance of dropping 200 extra dias.
-Forget plain old KS and Minigames with our Custom Dungeon "The Troll Grounds" to farm Phirius Shells and gold in.
-Custom Weapons especially for Magical class combos with our magical daggers and swords!
-Custom wings, cape and ring set for all classes!
-Items in Kawaks Tomb are actually good on our Server!
-Increased difficulty in all dungeons starting from Raksha Temple!
-Imbued Set pieces (slightly better versions of normal pieces) dropping in Sardo Castle thats soon to be released!
-Continuously worked on Class balancing, here are some examples of Changes we already did:
Warden/Druid: Reworked to a real Tank class for all the warden enjoyers
Warrior/Rogue: Reworked Blood Dance and 1-H combo to make it viable
Druid/Warrior: is now actually a viable DPS!
Rogue/Knight: Strong alternative to Warmage on our Server (thanks to his Paladins Blade and reworked Punishment)
... and lots of smaller changes to a lot of combinations to make them more viable or nerf them a little if they were out of line! Currently working on making more class combos viable!
-Frequent GM events of all sizes with all kinds of rewards