Runes of Magic "Destan"

Runes of Magic: Destan, Sunucu bilgileri: Exp x3 Drop x3 Tp x5 Gold x2 Bölüm: I Seviye: 50, Elmas Farm Aktif! Discord'da 7/24 Aktif Destek Destansı macerada yerini al. Runes of Magic: Destan, Server info: Exp x3 Drop x3 Tp x5 Gold x2, Chapter: I, Level: 50, Diamond Drop Active! Supports all reg

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Runes of Magic "Destan", ready to meet with fellow adventurers and explore Taboera. Now offered in both turkish and english, with 3x drop rate, 3x exp rate, 2x gold and 2x tp rate. This custom private server has a lvl 50 cap as of now, but additional content will be released further on as the server progresses as a community and a whole. A lot of events, especially now that the server is recently opening are awaiting the new players. The new events that will take place will be in the form of first one to reach level cap events. Diamonds can be earned through playing in game and cash shop is absolutely not necessary, rather optional. Eventhough there will be an option to buy diamonds, there will be no bosses that are subpar and every boss will amount to something to an extent. We are looking foward to seeing you all. For joining the discord, please follow this link: When you join discord, tag "Blazeflower" and ask any questions you might have in the channel called "sohbet". I will relay your requests and messages to the GMs and necessary channels.