Shaiya Future Battle [DDOS PROTECTED]

Shaiya Future Battle is back up, With one of the best DDOS protected dedicated servers, One of the best secured servers out there Most custom sets youll ever see on any server, instant levels, PvP, Amazing site custom made We are a fully fixed ep 54 server Come check us out today

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We are Shaiya Future Battle, We have Episode 5.4 client and we are currently instant ep 5.4 server with a lot features. Such as in game rerolling from professional Reroll system, a nice custom site. We also have instant leveling server we have very little farm based mainly PvP., We have rules to keep the server regulated and we also have a very small team which to keep each other on the same page. We are also hosted on one of the best dedicated servers with DDOS protection. We also offer alot in game support.