Zafiro Online Grand Opening 30 May 2020

Grand Opening 30 May 2020 17:00 h GMT -5. Cap 110 CHN & EU - Mastery CHN 440, Skill 10% Damag - GodBles, Automatic Events - Silk x Unique - Titan Unique Enabled- System Egymt Enabled. New System CTF - Zafiro Coin - Good Events - More Reward - No need Donate for Top Player. Reward Top Player

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INFORMATION Hello everyone, and thank you for entering here and being able to read our guide. We would love to present our ZAFIRO project to you. We know that today a new private server is born practically every day and that everyone promises to be a perfect server, something that is impossible today. We did not come to tell you that it is perfect, but what we can guarantee is that we are going to work day and night and give our best to make this server a new achievement in the community, ZAFIRO is a dream for the team, really We hope you give ZAFIRO a chance. GREAT OPENING DATE: 05/30/2020 17:00 GMT -5 Announcing the grand opening date is important, we cannot simply choose the day and time at random that may not be suitable for some people. That is why we decided to open on a Saturday and a suitable time for many. SITIO WEB: Zafiro Online – Web FACEBOOK: Zafiro Online - Facebook DISCORD: Zafiro Online - Discord EMAIL: [email protected] ► Cap. | 110 Of course, this was not an easy decision to set at the limit of 110, but our intention was to reach certain people with the most striking cap at the moment and thus attract players from both the old and new schools. Later we will continue advancing, opening new CAPs so that the server continues to grow. ► Mastery | 220 EU - 440 CHN. We wanted the game to be more entertaining and balanced, so we thought, why not add the four Masterys to the Chinese. ► Additional CHN In addition to the four (04) Masterys that will be enabled in the CHN race, they will have Holy Spell and Skill 10% Damage. ► Race | CH - EU Today there are many players who identify and love to play both the Chinese and the European races, and we could not leave them behind. ► Exp / SP Rate | x15. Who wants to play on a server where you get a maximum limit in two days? that's definitely not fun at all! so we decided to make an adequate exp & sp rate. ► Party Exp / SP Rate | x17. Some players love to play in groups, so to give it a big boost, we increased the exp rate. ► Drop | Medium. The drop rate is customized to the exp rate, you won't have any trouble finding your last level or even elixirs and stones, but remember that everything has its price. ► Alchemy index | 1x. Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in the history of the Silkroad route, so we wanted to make it more entertaining, not leaving it so easy but not so difficult, you just have to have dedication and patience. No one wants +10 items in a single moment. ► Max Plus | 11. We have decided to place the max plus at 11 without elixir advance so that it is not so difficult, but at the same time so easy to get to have the max Plus on the server. ► Advanced Elixirs | . ► Academy | Enabled. ► Honor Buff enabled. ►Magic POP | Habilitado. ►Special teleportation. Jangan's teleport you can find a teleport that will take you directly to Holy Water Temple avoiding the great journey they have to make there. ►Avatar shop. We added a lot of avatars in the avatar store NPC, all old and new avatars are available, the npc is in Hontan, remember all the avatars price is in silk. ► NPC Zafiro In this npc you can find: Advanced Elixir, Magical Stones, Attribution Stones, Behemont, Dunkey, CTF Sopresa Box, and much more. ►Additional notice. To avoid cheats, we added the plus warning system, all players will be announced in public notice when someone reaches plus (9). CAPTURE THE FLAG | ENABLED AND IMPROVED. We allow capturing the flag event because it brings back so many memories on the ancient silkroad, of course it also brings you great rewards! For every Kill you make, you will get 1 Iron Coin, and for every 20 Iron Coin you will be able to claim in the Sapphire NPC a surprise box that when opened will give you great rewards, such as Globals, Reverse, Scroll Silk, Instant Return, Scrolls 20% Defense and Damage, and if you have good luck why not a Shield Egypt A Chn-Eu. OLD CAPE FORGOTTEN WORLD ENABLED HOLY TEMPLE ENABLED FORTRESS WAR ENABLED JG. START ►PVP event Weekly every Saturday at 19:00 H GMT-5 the event of PVP STR vs STR INT VS INT will be held. The winners of each mastery: STR / INT will get the following rewards: FIRST PLACES: Original Title + Scroll Silk 100 + Global Pack + 2x Immortal SECOND PLACES: Global Pack + 1x Immortal ► EGYPT System | Enabled ► Obtaining methods: Egy Weapons Set Egyp Shiel Egyp Egyp Accessories ►Set Egyp A: -Silver Coin -Gold Coin + Gold ►Set Egyp B: -Silver Coin -Gold Coin -Copper Coin + Gold ►Armas Egyp A: -Dimension Talismanes ►Armas Egyp B: -Arma Egyp A+9 ►Shield Egyp B: -Arena Coin – Copper Coin + Gold ►Accesorios Egyp AyB: -Arena Coin + Gold ► Silver Coin: Holy Water Temple ► Gold Coin: Uniques Job Temple ► Copper Coin: Job ► Arena coin: MOB Akeru lvl 109 y MOB Sand Sting lvl 108. TOP 50 PLAYERS ►Top 1-5 Players: 1.000 silk ►Top 6-10 Players: 500 silk ►Top 11-20 Players 400 Silk ►Top 21-30 Players 300 Silk ►Top 31-50 Players 100 Silk