[ToP Pk Server]Battle Pirates Online

Server Features:Quick development of items and leveling,basic EQ,Pets,Gems and ect in NPCs,You get nice items through mazes and new maps while pk others at bosses/chests,Land Fishing,Mining and Woodcutting,Salvage Up with quite cool features and prizes. -Not that time consuming ;

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[The Best ToP PK Server] Battle Pirates Online: Server features: -Fast development of character lvl and items; -Basic Equips in NPCs; -Equal start for all players; -You can get any item through game; -Exciting new PK Maps with bosses; -Classic looking client(not a bunch of custom stuff that makes you forget the classic style); -Daily Events to receive Free IGs Crystals; -X-Mas map and event ON; -Not that time-consuming server; -Perfect balance between classes; -Apparels advanced system;