Eternyum 3.3.5a Progressive

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Rates XP Mob: 5x XP Quest: 10x XP Explore: 1x Money Drop: 1x Item Drop: 2x Reputation Gain: 5x Honor Gain: 1x PvP Talents & Spells: 99% Random Battleground:Working Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch:Working Eye of the Storm:Working Arathi Basin:Working Alterac Valley:Working Strand of the Ancients:Working Isle of Conquest:Working Wintergrasp:Working _____________ Arena System Arenas: Blade''s Edge Arena:Working Dalaran Arena:Working Nagrand Arena:Working Ruins of Lordaeron:Working The Ring of Valor:Working PvE Dungeon Finder Working Dungeons 5N/5HC: Azjol-Nerub: Ahn''kahet: The Old Kingdom:Scripted Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub:Scripted Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme:Scripted Crusaders'' Coliseum: Trial of the Champion:Scripted Drak''Tharon Keep:Scripted Gundrak:Scripted Icecrown Citadel: Halls of Reflection:Scripted Icecrown Citadel: Pit of Saron:Scripted Icecrown Citadel: The Forge of Souls:Scripted The Nexus: The Nexus:Scripted The Nexus: The Oculus:Scripted The Violet Hold:Scripted Ulduar: Halls of Lightning:Scripted Ulduar: Halls of Stone:Scripted Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep:Scripted Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle:Scripted Raids: The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity :Scripted Wyrmrest Temple: The Obsidian Sanctum 4/4:Scripted Onyxia''s Lair 1/1 :Scripted Naxxramas :Scripted Ulduar :12/14 Scripted Vault of Archavon :Scripted Crusaders'' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader 10N/25N - 10HC/25HC :Scripted Icecrown Citadel 10N/25N - 10HC/25HC :Scripted ___________ Wyrmrest Temple: The Ruby Sanctum 10N/25N - 10HC/25HC: Baltharus the Warborn:Scripted General Zarithrian:Scripted Saviana Ragefire:Scripted Halion:Scripted ________________ Others Quests: 99% Achievements: 99% Line of sight :Working Spells: 99% Vehicles:Working