Farahlon Warlods of Draenor

New Pvp season 2 the 21/10/2017 ! Free level 100 character offered until the 31 of October ! Xp rate between 1 and 5 / Invite a friend available / Join one of the best Wod server 624 Discover Tanaan,Garrison lvl 3, World Boss, Higmaul ,Blackrock Foundry, Many Dungeon , Shop in Game

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After months of development we are finally ready to welcome you to our Draenor server version 6.1.2. Join us and discover: - Tanaan as never seen on private server - Garrison functional system - Bonus objectives are available - Two dungeons at the opening and additional dungeons every 2 weeks maximum. - First raid will open soon. - First pvp arena season available when enough players will reach level 100. Farahlon is also a professional team ! Let's build together a new age of private server. For information : - No online shop for now in order to preserve the spirit of the game - Rate XP X3