FrostWoW 255 Haste

FrostWoW LvL 255 Haste Server Server features: - Instant 255 - Huge Haste Rating (Melee & Spell) - Horde & Alliance Domination - Balanced Classes - Custom Instances - Custom Tiers - PvP Vendor - Gurubashi Arena - 1v1 Arena - Custom Visuals & Wings - And many more

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Gates of Creation is a brand new 5.4.8 BlizzFun Server ( Mists of Pandaria ), because we want to keep the Blizzlike Content for Blizz lovers, and adding Custom Content for Fun lovers. This is a brand new server, and every suggestion is welcome, so we can add it here. Server Features at the moment : - Custom Mounts - Custom World Bosses - Scripted Dungeons ( Solo and Group ) - Custom Scripted Events - All spells are fixed - x10 EXP Boost, and x15 EXP in Weekends - Arena Spectator - Working Shop In-Game - Free Items , Cosmetics, Mounts and Pets for our Top Voters of the Week - High Quality Gameplay - Bots if you want to run a dungeon or raid faster - Awesome Battlegrounds - Free Gear if you recommend your friends to join here - You can now move your Character to our Realm, for FREE - And much more ! Website Features : - Online Teleporter - Weekly Voting Rewards - Updated Shop - Vote items such as Mounts , Pets, Items - More features will come soon ! What are you waiting for ? Come and join us, and lets play together ! Website : Discord :